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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia has a plethora of appeals that constantly attract tourists from far and wide. Yogyakarta is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia.

This particular region, equivalent to a province in Indonesia, is the merger of the Yogyakarta Sultanate and Paku Alaman Regency, which was formally recognized by the Dutch.

Based on the historical facts, it is therefore no surprise to learn that the city is rich in culture, tradition and local wisdom, from the built-in creative economy from one period to another.

Prambanan Temple is an example of the historical heritage that tourists can visit in Yogyakarta. Located in Sleman Regency, Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and also the most beautiful in Southeast Asia.

According to the Siwagrha inscription, the Prambanan Temple began its construction during the reign of Rakai Pikatan of the ancient Mataram kingdom, whose center was in Central Java in the middle of the 9th century.thcentury.

The remains of the temples were only discovered hundreds of years later. Then the history of the temple was unknown, which led to the creation of the Roro Jonggrang Bandung Bondowoso legend, which was told from one generation to another about the supposed origin of Prambanan Temple.

A serious restoration project began in the 1930s and was completed in 1953. Towering at 47 meters high, decorated with mystifying ornaments, the Prambanan temple complex is home to an estimated 240 small and large temples. And yet only 18 temples were successfully restored. The remains of the others are scattered piles of stones. The three primary deities are called Candi Trimurti (three forms), representatives of the three supreme Hindu Gods: Brahma Sang Prakita (Brahma, the creator); Wisnu Sang Pemelihara (Vishnu, the Sustainer) and Siwa Sang Pemusnah (Shiva, the Destroyer).

Visitors can easily reach the magnificent temples by taking a bus, the Trans Jogya, as it is only about 17 kilometers east of the city center of Yogyakarta.

Another thing that makes Yogyakarta special is that its Sultanate is still well preserved. Centralized in the Keraton (Palace), the Yogyakarta Sultanate is a great way to learn about authentic cultures from the city.

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Founded by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono in 1755, the Yogyakarta Keraton was built in the gap of the Islamic kingdom of Mataram under the Giyanti treaty.

The Yogyakarta Palace Complex is divided into three areas from north to south. The areas are divided into other smaller areas that also maintain different structures.

In each building, visitors can see architectural designs that contain symbolic meanings.

In the western area of ​​Alun-Alun Utara there is the Gedhe Kasultanan mosque complex.

In the second area you will find one kedaton (throne), a home to important buildings such as Prabayeksa Pavilion, Kencana Pavilion, Gedong Purworetno, Gedong Jene, Trajutrisno, Bangsal Manis, Kasatriyan, Keputren, Kedaton Kilen and Kedaton Wetan. The tourist objects include Tugu Golong Gilig, Panggung Krapyak, Kepatihan and Pathok Negoro.

Your visit to Yogyakara will not be complete until you visit Taman Sari, the site of a formal royal garden of the Yogyakarta Sultanate, rich in classical nuances. Located 300 meters west of Yogyakarta Palace, Taman Sari has been restored several times, keeping it well maintained without losing its historical value.

Taman Sari has a pool surrounded by six meter high fortifications. In ancient times, the site served as a place where the sultan’s wives bathed. When you get here, you will find a kind of lookout tower. Once you have explored the lower part of Taman Sari, you can go up to reach the tower that allows you to enjoy a view of the city from above. In the tower there is a window with an authentic wooden bar, which has never been replaced since its construction. What’s more, visitors can see the residents’ houses, the area of ​​which was originally intended for the fruit plantation of the Yogyakarta Sultanate.

In addition, delicious culinary delights and other diverse creative economic products add to the specialties of Yogyakarta.

One of the typical foods that visitors can try is gooda traditional dish nagga (Jack fruit) stewed for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk.

Good is generally served with steamed rice, chicken, boiled egg, tofu and tempeh. sambel goreng krechek (Stew of crispy beef skin). The pleasure of eating the delicious food will certainly remind the visitors always of the specialties of Yogyakarta.

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Tourism villages

Are you keen to understand more about Javanese culture? If so, visit a number of tourism villages in Yogyakarta, such as Tembi, Pentingsari and Nglangeran. The destinations support sustainable tourism while providing outlets for learning from local wisdom and enjoying unique experiences.

At Tembi Tourism Village, visitors can view a collection of cultural items, learn how to make batik, enjoy traditional cuisine and participate in healthy and refreshing outbound activities. Meanwhile, at the Wisata Pentingsari tourism village, visitors will have the opportunity to mingle with local residents and learn about herbal medicine, explore the village by taking a car, a Volkswagen, and also experience the fun of being in a camper to stay In the Wisata Nglangeran tourism village, you must not miss to learn how to make chocolate and see beautiful natural sights.

Visitors have endless tourism spots to visit for their stunning vacation #DiIndonesiaAja (Just in Indonesia). There are many other attractive destinations in Yogyakarta and its surroundings that you must visit. In addition to cultural and historical tourist spots, visitors can enjoy shopping tourism along the legendary and internationally recognized Malioboro Street.

You can visit Pasar Beringharjo, the oldest market in the Yogyakarta Sultanate, which has been operating since 1758. Here, visitors can enjoy varied refreshments at meals such as Es Dawet Mbah Hari, Bakmi Pentil Bu Marzuki, Sup Kembang Waru, Krasikan and many more.

You will also find a variety of handicraft products that you can bring home as souvenirs, such as batik fabric and leather dolls. Don’t forget to visit Kotagede where you can find a collection of high quality silver items.

Indonesia has the fortune to hold this year’s ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF), the largest tourism conference in Southeast Asia, with Yogyakarta entrusted to host this year’s event.

ATF 2023 will last four days, from February 2 to February 5, 2023.

The delegates from ASEAN and from some invited countries outside the group will discuss a number of tourism issues.

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As the ATF approaches, Yogyakarta is getting ready to host the annual event, which was first held 20 years ago.

Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandigaga Uno reviewed the preparations for this year’s ATF, with the theme “ASEAN: A Journey to Wonderful Destinations”, in Yogyakarta.

He said that Yogyakarta offers a complete infrastructure that has exceeded expectations and needs, such as the availability of Yogyakarta International Airport, a number of five-star hotels, superior destinations and super priority destinations such as Borobudur Temple.

Minister Sandigaga expressed the hope that the successful holding of the ATF will underline the achievement of the domestic and foreign tourist target of 7.4 million in 2023.

“Of course, our hope is to attract tourist arrivals and see them buy Indonesia’s creative economy products. We also hope that the successful organization of ATF 2023 can make an early contribution to reaching the goal of 7.4 million tourists ,” he said.

He also hoped that the international event could bring new initiatives to tackle several major challenges that the world is paying attention to.

“And the ministry will be the first to welcome the Indonesian force in ASEAN in 2023. Therefore, hopefully the central government, the Yogyakarta regional administration and the tourism industry players will join and support the success of ATF 2023,” he said.

This year’s ATF will be held at the Expo Center, where the TRAVEX (Travel Exchange) will be held, and the Prambanan Temple, where the conference will be opened. In addition to the two venues, the Yogyakarta Palace will serve as the site of a royal dinner for the invited delegates. A number of destinations in Yogyakarta are also used to promote the tourism potential in Yogyakarta.

If you are interested in making travel plans to Yogyakarta, make sure you have fulfilled the obligations regarding the COVID-19 vaccination and adhere to the prevailing health protocols.

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