Wildly handsome blond surfer in vintage Mercedes Benz whose poor parallel parking form briefly united both sides of politics hit with bombshell new allegations, “He had ten cars backed up for eight minutes!”

Have you seen that before? Are you driving nuts?

You will remember, of course, the turned police officer, Chad Towersey.

His Instagram account @ocinstanews is a treasure trove of gotcha journalism, Towersey’s hideous mask behind the phone camera is the horror of Orange County wrongdoers.

The lantern-jawed Towersey aka Unkle Tito, who is forty-three, became the toast of the American mainstream media one month ago after a video appeared on his Instagram page showing a gal gone wild in a three-wheeled SUV.

Towersey He shot the footage of the woman he called “Zanny Nanny” on the 405 freeway heading north to Irvine while driving to his job as a solar panel salesman.

Now, a five-year-old video of a surfer hitting bumpers while trying to park in Newport, filmed at Towersey, has resurfaced, thanks to Reddit, and written about by Chas Smith yesterday.

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A brief summary,

We will travel, together, to Newport, California, where our vision comes out into the light of day. Here we see a surfer caricature, floppy blonde hair, sunglasses, trying to parallel park an older white model Mercedes station wagon festooned with an orange longboard.

The “Chad” pulls up, cellphone out and ready, declaring, “Ahhh, now you’re hitting cars, brother, come on,” in a classic west coast whine.

The “surfer” flashes a peace sign and replies, “Get a job, Shed. Is that your name? What? Go and pick up an açaí berry.”

A surfer girl, girl friend or wife then appears and Chad tries to warn her not to get hit, that “He’s hitting cars.”

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She says, “Sir, I know who you are.” He says“Stop touching me.”

And the whole business comes from that.

Towersey, who removed the video from his page soon after it appeared because the man in a wagon said Newport locals were chasing him, says crude parking wasn’t the worst of his crimes.

“It was a hot summer day and if you’re waiting in a parking spot you pull over so people can go around,” says Towersey. “And this was the most irritating thing. He was double parked and backed up by ten cars for eight minutes. Not every street in Newport allows you to do it, but you can on this one. If you have half a brain, you pull over to the right. And then I pull up and look at him trying to park and he’s playing bumper cars.”

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Have you seen that before?

Are you driving nuts?

The mall, the beach and the traffic back up because one person is determined to jump into a specific car space and hell how long does it take?

Almost enough to turn a man into a punching bag, isn’t it?

The correct answer, as Towersey says, is to pull over and let traffic pass or move forward until you find an empty parking space.

Or is it wrong?


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