Master’s Keep Unforgotten is a high proof, extra aged variant of Wild Turkey Forgiven, a limited edition whiskey blend originally released in 2010

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky., September 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wild Turkey Master’s Keep unforgettable, the latest release in the annual limited series, was inspired by a random and unexpected blend of young rye and mature bourbon that hit the market more than a decade ago. Master Distiller Eddie Russell has revived the memory of this release, Wild Turkey Forgive, with the release of Master’s Keep unforgettable, a high-proof, extra-aged variant of the harmonious blend of straight bourbon and rye whiskeys. The unconventional and complex liquid serves as a testament to Eddie’s experience and Wild Turkey’s legacy as one of the few Kentucky Distilleries that, in addition to the famous bourbons, have dedicated themselves to the art of making rye whiskey.

The idea of ​​marrying straight bourbon and rye whiskeys from Wild Turkey Distilling Co. was born in 2010 when a crew member accidentally mixed a batch of young rye with a cask of mature bourbon. As Master Distiller Eddie Russell tasted the blended whiskeys, he realized he had something very special on his hands. Instead of discarding the random mistake, the distillery celebrated it by bottling the whiskey for a limited time and naming it aptly Forgive.

The award-winning Master’s Keep series was first introduced in 2015 with Master’s Keep 17 years and was inspired by Eddie Russells Desire to push the boundaries of traditional Wild Turkey Bourbon making by experimenting with aging techniques and refinements. At 105 Proof, Master’s Keep unforgettable is made from some of the oldest rye ever released by Wild Turkey and features unmistakable notes of fresh fruit – flavors rarely found in such mature liquids. The additional aging time in rye barrels honors the rich history of American rye production while providing a unique experience that will surprise and delight you.

“Twelve years ago I tasted the result of the distillery mishap that would become Wild Turkey Forgiven and was amazed. It was unlike anything I’d tasted before, and I knew we’d stumbled upon something special,” says Master Distiller Eddie of Wild Turkey Russel. “The Master’s Fortress unforgettable is a tribute to that serendipity, perfected with a secondary aging in rye casks in our pre-Prohibition built Rickhouse B – my father’s favorite, Master Distiller Jimmy Russell.”

Staying true to the spirit and distillation traditions that have defined Wild Turkey for the past 80 years, unforgettable honors the turbulent history of American rye production through a bourbon lentil. On the nose, the great marriage of 13 year old bourbon and 8 and 9 year old rye is fruity with notes of caramel and oak. On the palate, the flavor profile consists of a swirl of caramel, dried fruit and sweet oak – complemented by notes of dried fruit, honey, black pepper and baking spices from 8- and 9-year-old rye on the finish.

With a suggested retail price of $200, Master’s Keep Unforgotten will be available at select retailers for a limited time. Visit www.wildturkey.com for more information.

About the wild turkey

Wild Turkey Bourbon Distillery is located in Kentucky, located on a deep limestone shelf on the Kentucky River. The shelf acts as a natural filter, providing the distillery with the crystal clear water that is essential to making such a high quality product. Wild Turkey features the legendary father-son team of Master Distilling Jimmy and Eddie Russellwho together have over 100 years of experience at the Wild Turkey Distillery.

The famous Wild Turkey brand name first emerged in 1940 as the managing director of the distillery Thomas McCarthey took some samples from the warehouse with a group of friends on a wild turkey hunting trip. The following year his friends asked him for “some of that Wild Turkey Whiskey” and the brand was born.

Wild Turkey is distilled and filled into new oak casks at a much lower alcohol content than most bourbons. This results in a much richer flavor due to less boiling out during the production process. Aging in the highest quality new American oak casks using the heaviest char available (the number 4 “Alligator” char) gives the whiskey a smooth flavor and deep amber colour. The barrels are filled in the distillery Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Website: wildturkey.com.

About the Campari Group

The Campari Group is a major player in the global spirits industry with a portfolio of over 50 premium and super premium brands spread across global, regional and local priorities.

Global Priorities, the group’s main focus, includes Aperol, Appleton Estate, Campari, SKYY, Wild Turkey and Grand Marnier.

The group was founded in 1860 and is now the sixth largest player worldwide in the premium spirits industry. It has a global distribution reach and trades in over 190 countries around the world with leading positions Europe and America.

The Group’s growth strategy aims to combine organic growth through strong brand building and external growth through selective brand and company acquisitions.

headquarters in Sesto San Giovanni, Italy, Campari Group owns 22 factories worldwide and has its own sales network in 23 countries. The group employs around 4,000 people.

The shares of the parent company Davide Campari-Milano NV (Reuters CPRI.MI – Bloomberg CPR IM) have been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2001.

SOURCE Wild Turkey

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