“Why Turkey Cannot Tolerate An Increase In The Territorial Waters Of Greece”

Under the title: “Why Turkey will not tolerate an expansion of Greece’s territorial waters”, the retired admiral and “theoretician” of the “Blue Homeland”, Cihat Yaycidefended the Turkish “Casus Belli” if Greece made use of its legal rights under international and maritime law.

With his article on the TV100 website, he aimed his shots at those who argue that Greece has the right to extend its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles, recalling the Turkish National Assembly’s 1995 decision.

“It is clear that this is not a ‘Casus Belli’, a decision or a declaration of war under Article 92 of the Constitution, but a declaration that Turkey will use all means of its national power and fight if necessary,” warned the former chief of staff of the Turkish Naval Forces .

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Yaycı argued that even if Ankara claims the 176 “gray” – according to Turkish narration – islands and islets in the Aegean Sea, a possible increase in territorial waters to 12 nm from Greece will result in: “The proportion of offshore areas in the Das Archipelago (note: Aegean) will decrease to about 19%. Turkey’s territorial waters will increase by 8.7% and Greece’s by 62%.”

Cihat Yayci

Yaycı stresses that if Greek sovereignty over Ankara’s 172 islands and islets is accepted, the percentage of coverage of Greek territorial waters throughout the Aegean will increase to 68%, despite being internationally recognized around the world.

The situation will “get worse for Turkey,” he says, as the “archipelago” will turn into a Greek sea.

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“In such a case, Turkey’s territorial integrity will be disrupted. Approximately 90% of the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone of the islands will belong to Greece, which will drastically limit or even stop Turkey’s economic activities such as mining and exploitation of the natural resources of the “archipelago sea” as well as fishing, tourism and scientific research”, he stated.

“The possible extension of territorial waters to 12 nautical miles will consolidate Greece’s absolute sovereignty in the ‘archipelago’ by resolving all issues in its favor, in particular the continental shelf, EEZ and airspace,” said the admiral a. D

Referring to the possibility of expanding Greek territorial waters south of Crete, Yaycı said that this would result in the sea crossings from the Aegean to the Mediterranean being “closed, creating serious problems” for the national cause and sovereign rights of Turkey, especially in relation to the “Blue Homeland”‘,” he said.

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The Blue Home theorist demanded that there be no concessions to Greece’s legal right to expand its territorial waters, either in the Aegean or south of Crete.

“For every 1 nm increase in its territorial waters, Greece will grab at least 13% of Turkey’s ‘Blue Homeland’ in the ‘archipelago’,” he said Yayci in his article on TV100.

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