Why Reconnecting With Your Italian Roots Is Easier Than You Imagine

Millions of Americans have Italian roots, their ancestors immigrated to the United States. Not surprisingly, Italy is one of the most popular immigration destinations for Americans. But the journey may seem long and daunting to an aspiring immigrant. However, there are plenty of reasons to reclaim your ancestral connections as Italy offers more than an incredible lifestyle, picturesque locations and beautiful weather.

It also offers many opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs. In addition, the lure of living in the land of your ancestors is often enough to justify the decision. Best of all, reconnecting with your Italian roots is easier than you might imagine. You can Visit the website of the law firm Bersani as the first step of the journey. Let’s explain why the decision to reclaim your roots is worth it.

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Citizenship by descent provides broad coverage

Italy has a citizenship route for people with ancestral connections in the country, so landing as a citizen is easy. The Jure Sanguinis procedure offers broad coverage as eligibility requirements go beyond a parental relationship. They may also qualify through distant ancestry, provided they were citizens after the creation of Italy in 1861 and did not naturalize elsewhere before the birth of the next descendant in the line. The only concern here is your ancestor’s gender, as you may not qualify if she was female and gave birth before 1948. You can, however, make an application through a court proceeding under the 1948 Rule in such cases.

A straightforward process

The process is straightforward, whether you qualify for Italian citizenship through Jure Sanguinis or the 1948 Rule. You just need to get a head start with documentation, which includes your ID cards and proof of identity ancestral connections in Italy. Obtaining ancestry documents can be the tricky part as you will need them from your ancestor’s local community. However, you can work with a local expert to help you with the formalities. The paperwork is almost the same for both processes. But you apply to your local consulate to Jure Sanguinis and to the Italian court for the 1948 trial. You can appoint a local attorney to represent you in the Italian court. In any case, you can complete the process without going to Italy.

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A legacy for generations

Aside from being absorbed through your ancestral connections, Italian citizenship creates a legacy through descent for generations. If you get a second passport, your children automatically qualify for it. You can live and work in the country, access quality education and health services and travel in the EU region without a visa. In fact, Italy has one of the best passports. The good thing is that the next generations also qualify for citizenship through descent, making it a generational legacy. It is the best gift you can give to your children, grandchildren and beyond.

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Claiming your Italian ancestry can be a piece of cake provided you know the process well. They can work with an expert to answer your questions, help with paperwork, and guide you through the journey.