Which countries have imposed fresh Covid rules on travellers from China?

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Beijing (AFP) – As the world’s most populous country faces a surge in Covid cases following the decision to relax strict virus restrictions, nearly a dozen countries have introduced new travel regulations for travelers from China.

Here is a list of countries that impose mandatory Covid tests and other rules on arrivals from China:

United States of America

As of January 5, the United States will require negative Covid tests taken within two days of departure for all entries from China, or documents proving that passengers have recovered from the virus within the past 90 days.

Acceptable tests include “a PCR test or self-antigen test administered and monitored by a telehealth service or licensed provider,” according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

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Rules include travelers from Hong Kong and Macau.

European Union

From January 5, anyone arriving in France from China must show a negative PCR test result or rapid antigen test less than 48 hours before their flight.

Italy and Spain also introduced Kovid testing requirements.

European countries will meet this week to discuss a common response to the issue, and Sweden, which will hold the new EU presidency, said it was “seeking a common policy for the entire EU when it comes to imposing possible entry restrictions”.

– Australia

Australia is also asking Beijing to provide a negative Covid-19 test prior to arrival for travelers from China, including Hong Kong and Macau, citing a “lack of comprehensive information” about the outbreak.


Canada requires travelers from China to show a negative Covid test taken no more than two days before their departure.

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United Kingdom

The rules, which came into effect on 5 January, require all passengers arriving from China to the UK to present a negative test before boarding.

The UK government also said it would test “a sample of what’s coming” to monitor new variants.


Israel has set up a screening center to test those who come voluntarily, making it mandatory for foreigners who want to travel from China to be tested for Covid.


Japan was one of the first countries to impose new rules mandating those arriving from China to present a negative Covid test.

Those who test positive will be quarantined for seven days at designated facilities, and Tokyo will also limit flights from mainland China.

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South Korea

South Korea has also taken steps to screen travelers from China and require them to provide a negative Covid test before and after arrival.

Passengers from Hong Kong and Macau are exempt from the rules.


India will require travelers from China and many other Asian countries to provide a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of arrival in the country.


The North African country of Morocco has taken some of the strictest measures, completely banning entry for all travelers from China.

The country’s foreign ministry said the ban will come into effect on January 3 and will last until further notice “to prevent a new wave of pollution in Morocco and all its consequences”.


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