Where World Tourism Meets in 2023

Tourism means TIME 2000 for Indonesia for the century. 129 countries will experience TIME 2023 in Bali, because WTN knows that SMEs matter!

Bali is known as the islands of the gods in the Hindu religion. With a little help from TIME 2023, Bali has now moved into center stage in the world travel and tourism industry.

It’s time for tourism leaders, for small and medium-sized travel and tourism businesses, and it’s TIME 2023 to meet world tourism in the “Islands of the Gods”, Bali, Indonesia, September 29 – October 1, 2023.

TIME 2023 is actually 4 global summits in one.

TIME for Indonesians to travel the world

Indonesians love to travel, and they have the money to do so. At this event, Indonesian travel agents, tour operators and interested travelers can find out which destinations eagerly welcome them. Tourism boards and their stakeholders from around the world can network not only with Indonesians, but also with the world.

TIME to travel to Indonesia

It’s TIME to travel to Indonesia, and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) matter! The largest family trip to Bali gives travel agents and tour operators the opportunity to meet and do business with local colleagues and suppliers, as well as meet tourism boards from around the world at the WTN Global Networking Summit.

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Medical & Health Tourism

Medical tourism and health tourism are trends the world is talking about. WTN brings this discussion to Bali inviting leaders, destinations and stakeholders in this sector to present and generate new revenue streams while keeping the world healthy.

TIME for small cultural tourism regions of the world

World Tourism Network is always looking for small and medium-sized players. This begs the question: What about small cultural tourism regions in the world?

Mayors and their representatives and local tourism councils from cities with unique cultures will be invited to exchange these niche opportunities and find ways to cooperate and impact tourism to prosperity.

TIME for tourism to face climate change

Code red realities!

In collaboration with Malta-based SUNx, the World Tourism Network will engage in this global discussion. Indonesia is about small islands. Therefore, small islands from all over the world will have an opportunity to present their cases and discuss solutions.

World renowned Prof. Geoffrey Lipman, former WTTC CEO and former Assistant Secretary General of the UNWTO, will lead this discussion.

TIME for Rennaissance and Marriott to join the trend

TIME 2023 in Bali is hosted by Renaissance Bali
Uluwatu Resort & Spa, is a Marriott-managed resort on the Islands of the Gods. It’s time to pamper TIME2023 participants from all corners of the world.

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TIME for World Tourism Network to shine

World Tourism Network is the long-term voice of small and medium-sized travel and tourism businesses worldwide.

Start 2020 on the sideline of a canceled ITB trade show in Berlin, WTN started with the rebuilding.travel discussion, which helped a lot during the pandemic.

By unifying efforts, WTN brings to the fore the needs and aspirations of small and medium-sized companies and their stakeholders by bringing together private and public sector members on regional and global platforms.

WTN advocates for its members and gives them a voice in important tourism meetings. WTN provides opportunities and essential networks for its members in 129 countries.

WTN Vice President and world-renowned tourism safety and security expert, Dr. Peter Tarlow, says:

“Indonesia is a country that bridges the good of the past with the hopes of tomorrow. The World Tourism Network is proud to host this four-in-one conference that showcases tourism resilience. As the president of the World Tourism Network, I am glad everyone to invite you to Bali, Indonesia, for a learning and networking experience that will last a lifetime.

Mudi Astuti is responsible for TIME 2023.

WTN Indonesia President Mudi Astuti says:

It is an excellent idea for WTN to have 4 global events under one roof. It is the most flexible and productive way to organize today’s global travel trade business meeting, especially for SMEs. The offline business meeting should remain a strategic marketing mix for any tourism business to ensure that their products and services survive and get branding activation. SMEs are important and there are so many new business ventures in the market – we all need to network, and TIME is the place.

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WTN Chairman Juergen Steinmetz says:

With the support of the Bali Tourism Board, WTN Indonesia, and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, TIME 2023 by WTN should be a very attractive event.

With members in 129 countries, I am optimistic that we will make Bali the center of the tourism world from September 29 to October 1.

TIME for media: Journalists matter

World Tourism Network invites journalists, bloggers, and big and not so big media to partner with TIME 2023.

SMEs Matter Big in Tourism – don’t miss it!

Steinmetz added: “Anyone who wants to participate, partner or showcase at TIME 2023 Bali, and anyone who is thinking about participating, please let us know now and register at time2023.com.

TIME to plan your participation, input and sponsorship

Go to www.time2023.com


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