Where To Stay, What To Do

Individuals contain variety, but they also have preferences. Sweet versus savory. Early risers versus night owls. Beaches versus pools. Holidaying with a group of other people may put those preferences to the test, but I can say with confidence that if you’re staying at the right resort, differing opinions can come together to make a flawless trip. So goes the story of my time in Turks and Caicos, and here’s everything you need to know if you’re planning a trip for loved ones, your group of friends, or your partner to the islands just off the coast of the Bahamas.

When planning a trip, it’s always important to think about how much time you have and what purpose you want to set for your time off. Are you a person who loves discovering a new place through excursions? Would you rather spend your days unplugged on the beach? When you visit a new place, is food your main attraction? Keep these things in mind in advance so you can plan your itinerary accordingly.

My flight from New York City to Providenciales, one of the islands in the Turks and Caicos archipelago, took about three and a half hours — not bad at all considering it felt like I landed the second I was in landed in a completely different corner of paradise. The sun was shining bright and the air was breezy and warm, but fair warning, the customs line was the final test of my patience between me and 12 miles of famous beaches on Providenciales (known locally as Provo, formerly called) was one of the top beach destinations in the world according to TripAdvisor.)

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Where to stay in Turks & Caicos

I was invited to stay at Beaches Turks & Caicos, a sprawling all-inclusive resort made up of five distinct “villages” that offers guests 21 restaurants and 10 pools. The villages each feature distinct architectural styles and ambiences inspired by places like Italy, France, the Caribbean and Key West. I stayed in a two-story, two-bedroom concierge suite in Key West that offered concierge service that was good for coordinating activities around the resort, stocking your kitchen with any beverages you needed, and access to private check-in -Services was suitable. Easy to navigate, Key West Village was home to luxury dining experiences like seafood at Neptune’s, brunch at Sky Lounge, and an all-day buffet at Bayside Restaurant.

Concierge rooms at Beaches Turks and Caicos start at $570 per person per night and can range up to approximately $1,000 per person per night depending on the package selected. Accommodation options at Beaches Resorts start at $404 per person per night, and every room at the resort has the benefit of being all-inclusive.

What to do in Turks & Caicos

One of the main perks of an all-inclusive resort is that once you show up on-site, you don’t have to think about pricing where to eat or drink during your stay. You can make reservations for any of the included restaurants and simply give your room number when the check comes — an ideal situation if you’re planning a trip with friends and don’t want to send the same money back and forth to Venmo during your vacation.

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That being said, aside from the food (which is arguably one of the most important parts of any vacation) there are tons of activities at Beaches Resort. At no extra charge, you can sign up for water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding at the beach, and if you prefer your sports on land, there are basketball courts, tennis courts, billiards tables, and more available for guests throughout the resort to enjoy their free time. You can also entertain yourself with the various shows and parties that the resort hosts during your trip. From themed nights (like reggae or 90s night) to a late night drink at the Cricketer’s Pub to onsite concerts (98 Degrees celebrated their 25th anniversary with a concert during my stay).

Of course, Grace Bay Beach is the ultimate destination for anyone planning a trip to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. The sand is incredibly white (don’t forget the sunglasses because the sunshine will reflect, trust) and the water is practically waveless and clear – coming from someone who’s more of a pool person on vacation, I’ve spent more time in the sea ​​during a four-day trip there than in the past four years. With the all-inclusive aspect, you can quickly grab food and drink to enjoy on the beach during the day, ensuring you catch the most rays. Just remember to reapply your sunscreen.

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Tips for Traveling to Turks & Caicos

Almost all resorts in Turks and Caicos offer an all-inclusive model, making them easy places to stay, especially if you’re traveling alone. The airport in Providenciales was extremely easy to navigate and with the coast being less than 20 minutes away by car (taxi offer a fixed fare from the airport to area resorts), getting from baggage claim to your hotel is hassle free. Also handy is the fact that the islands of Turks and Caicos use the US dollar, so you don’t even have to worry about trading cash before your trip (although an all-inclusive package does require you to sign checks). usually with your room number). Consider this your sign to follow that lingering sense of wanderlust for a solo trip to the beach, or invite some friends to join you – it’ll be a blast no matter what your travel compatibility.

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