Where to stay in Sicily inspired by the latest season of ‘White Lotus’

HBO’s Where to Find the Real Hotels and Locations of White Lotus Season 2?

Jennifer Coilige and Jon Gries season 2 ep joce episode 2 "White lotus."
Jennifer Coilige and joon jocy season 2 episode 2 of joon remode 2. (Fabio Lovino/HBO)


Sicily is a paradise of beauty, history, history, history, history. ETNA’s dominant presence follows the island and points east and west. This is the latest spice of Hog wagano, the latest spice, the latest spice and communication. As for Finale – kill.

If you’ve been inspired to plan an Italian vacation this season, we’ve rounded up the White Lotus Real Life Real Life Real Life locations.

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White Lotus Hotel

Tanya, her assistant Portia and the White Lotus of Tokel, on the beach GROCKES HOLNATER The Greeks placed it in the background for GRETO GREATED, Ancient Theater. Domokor of the next century, medieval and Buwai, PRIVATE STOCK OF BARONGOLOGY, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Overlooking the Ionian Sea, the Palace of San Domenico dates back to the 14th century. It’s luxury as seen on the small screen.

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The hotel’s white-tablecloth restaurant is a nighttime makeover. Even Cameron pointed out one incident: “I don’t know why they keep giving us these menus. We now know the front again. ” But at least it’s not your average bland hotel restaurant; it’s Michelin-starred Principe Cerami with Sicilian-inspired dishes and views. The team can be seen at Anciovi, the pool terrace restaurant at San Domenico Palace. A beachside restaurant in nearby Giardini Naxos, the bar, La Cambusa, is used as the White Lotus Beach Club.

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Then Gelosia Eelosia Elizamo, Pianoso, Togoldar Cheese, Paino Bellor and Richard Burton’s famous city bomb.

But the guests are going through the hotel during the hotel hours. Time of the Grand Hotel, on the beach, on the beach Capinera and Capine and Caplchi Tischi Toschi Toschi.


It’s no wonder the 922 miles of coastline and beaches lend support to the show. The most beautiful beaches of Eastern Sicily are only Times Bella and Narrow Island. However, a film was made in Sandier Kefalu, located on the coast, but to the north. Letojanni, Furcieni, Gierulo, etc. have small beaches to explore the coastline.

‘The Godfather’

3, Albi, Berto, Berto, Dominto Daigledo Daigledo Daigledo Daigledo Daigledo Daigle, Apolloni, Apolloni “At the same time, north of Tsagina is a small village Sadaraka. This is Michael First closed his eyes to Apolloni.

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High, intense sunlight and temperature differentials make ETNA a winning destination. Harper, Ethan, Cameron, Camera, Daphne, Daphne’s Fezze, Holcha’s Wine a Day at Holcho,

“ETNA is the global shallow of the world,” Vito Planyeta, Planeta’s cultural project budget, said by email. “Incredible temperature range, mineral-rich volcanic soil, beauty, natural resources, content, content, content.”

For thrill seekers and volcano hunters, head to Nicolosi, a small town on the southern slopes. Go Elna guides you through the train’s volcanic train and treccato journeys, including tricks and craters.

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They bought 1 euro in Italy and are using them to give it back

The coast of Sicily is beautiful, but the interior is worth exploring, especially the Val di Noto in the south-east of Sicily. Of the eight cities, Noto, Modica and Ragusa, the Sicilian Baroque trio, top the list. Each town feels like a fairy tale, with temples and palaces adorned with yellow sandstone.

On Daphne and Harper’s road trip, they take an architectural tour, but create a crafty cashian caseza (traditional cake). Just outside Noto is Villa Elena, interior designer Jacques García’s home, used as Quentin’s villa in Palermo.

Moved to the pop to Modica and connected to the neighborhood of Cabiritin Street and Bassa (Lower). Modica is the chocolate legend of Sicily; Cioccolato di Modica is an IGP “protected geographical indication” product that traces its roots to a centuries-old Spanish technique. For a taste, head to Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, where they’ve been making chocolate bars and sweets for over 100 years.

In Southeast Italy, this pastry is king

Like Modica, Ragusa is a divided city: Ragusa Superiore (upper) and Ragusa Ibla (lower). Ancient Ibla is a magical maze of churches, palaces and narrow streets, boasting the Michelin-starred Duomo and Locanda Don Serafino. But most importantly, Cantunera, Cantunera, Cantunera, the corner store that has won awards and serves the best of it.

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Although Etna is in the east, it is the biggest divide in Sicily. “Eastern Sicily has a personality that reflects the energy of ETNACE, “Rent and determination,” says. “Palermitani is perhaps easier. We did not grow on Active Golcano, but century palmo.

Palermo is bustling, beautiful and has a very different vibe to the beach and hill towns. Located in the north-west of Sicey, the city of Port, the ancient Finnilians, the colors, architecture and culture have been discovered by people.

The old town center is a residential, centenary street, many streets and centenary markets. But explore more.

Vecchio Centro is the historic center where you’ll find iconic crossroads Quattro Canti, Palermo Cathedral, Norman Palace (also called Royal Palace), the historic Vucciria and Ballaro markets, as well as Piazza Marina, the city’s ancient square and port. Medieval Zisa zisa zisa zisa zisa zisa zisa zisa zisa zisa zisa alla alla, zilemale, Warehouse centers – and Zilemale, Animiouse and A have become centers of modern art. POTASA is an INTRODUCTORY OF TERRITO MASTIG GROUNDS IN THE MODERN CITY CENTER AND HOME.

Just Southwest of the city is Monroe, Elesco, Elesco, Elesco county positive, noto tasca where Daphne, Harper, Harper passed on the way to Montreal. A little further up the coast, head to Mondello or northeast to Mondello or east to Cefalù.


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