Where to Spend a Luxury Weekend in the USA: Top 5 Places!

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What is a luxury vacation, you ask? Well, everyone has their own vision on this issue, but there is a common thesis for everyone, which sounds like this: such a vacation means a weekend in an exquisite hotel, dinners and evenings in incredibly expensive restaurants, and entertainment only at the most expensive attractions. In fact, a weekend on the shore of the turquoise sea or lagoon with neighbors such as crabs, sea turtles and exotic fish is not only an unforgettable pleasant experience, but also a great relaxation for the body and mind. Today we will tell you about the luxury resorts in the USA with entertainment weekends that are definitely worth visiting. So read below for all the details.


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If you ask what the symbol of America is, it is undoubtedly the Statue of Liberty, as it is not only the main tourist attraction of the city, but of the entire United States. The first thing to add to your must-see list is this particular landmark that you can access by boat. You can see much of the city’s historic district from the observation deck. Surely there is no one who hasn’t heard of the borough of Manhattan, as it is home to such famous tourist attractions as the Times Square neighborhood, Fifth Avenue and Broadway Street, which feature in every travel guide. Here is the well-known Empire State Building, from which you can see almost the entire city with its incredibly beautiful views. Adding this city to your list for a luxury scenic weekend in the US is a must, because it’s only after visiting the Big Apple that you can really feel the true spirit of America.

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2.Los Angeles

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Los Angeles has been called one of the greatest mischievous cities in the United States. Another world-famous symbol of all America – the symbol of Hollywood and the Walk of Fame, because these are not only symbolic places, but also the most visited places in the city. One of the most interesting attractions is Disneyland Park, because this place attracts tourists with extreme rides, cartoon characters, as well as exciting entertainment events. Those interested in science should visit the Griffith Observatory, where you can virtually touch space and astronomical discoveries for free and have a great time. Here you can check carngo.com to get to the Natural History Museum, for example, quickly, conveniently and cheaply from anywhere. This particular museum can be called a true ancient encyclopedia of extinct animals, birds and fish that lived many millions of years ago and the exhibition counts over 30,000 species of fossils.


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Speaking of the city of San Francisco, it is impossible not to mention the Golden Gate Bridge, because this place is not just a symbol of the city, but a real movie that takes place in a fantasy, action and apocalypse style, so there are always many visitors are here. The legendary Alcatraz prison is located here. Throughout its history, it has been the place where the most bloodthirsty and violent criminals, including the well-known Al Capone, have been imprisoned. Of course, today it functions as a tourist attraction, but even such a cruel place attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Apart from these places you can also have a nice luxury weekend trip in USA at places like the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Chinatown or the famous Pier 39 where you can go fishing. If you like something a little more unusual, you can take a luxury weekend trip in the USA, especially the quirky tram rides in the form of city ships. In all likelihood, this city can both pleasantly surprise and put you in a good mood for the day.

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This city is one of the most populous cities in the United States. First of all, you must visit the city’s main zoo, which is one of the best in the country. About 4,000 different exotic animals are kept here at the same time, including Chinese pandas and Australian koalas. Since the zoo is located in the famous Balboa Park, you can see more than 700,000 rare species of plants. And the main feature of this place is that in natural conditions, that is, without aviaries, the animals can move freely. If you are not satisfied with a vacation in a small town in California, then it is better to spend it in the City of Angels, because there it is so easy to rent a car from Los Angeles Airport and go to the Eternal City driving entertainment, and moreover, it is easier to travel from one California city to another or travel from busy Los Angeles to San Diego in search of new adventures. The city of San Diego itself has little to offer, but there is the Midway Museum, where you can see various models of military ships, and the Museum of Art, where you can see artwork dating back 5,000 years.

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Perhaps the city’s most recognizable landmark is the Space Needle, a nearly 200-meter-tall tower that features an observation deck from which you can see the entire city. Every day more than 20,000 tourists visit this place and more than 2 million a year. In this city you spend the best weekends in the USA, more precisely on the Pacific coast. Other attractions include Woodland Park, a large zoo housing over 300 species of wild and rare South Asian animals. Other interesting sights are the Aviation Museum, the Industrial Museum and the Pike Fish Market, where you can buy many exotic species of fish. The products of this market are distributed among almost 200 restaurants in the city. Seattle weather is often unbearably cold and miserable, and there are few interesting places to stay. So lovers of beaches and warm sunshine should rent a car in Los Angeles and head to the coolest beaches in the country.


So we can clearly see the following thesis: to spend an incomparable holiday during the holidays, go to the largest cities in the country, because there are many interesting things to see, discover new things or just bask in one of the suns the many beaches. Choosing a specific travel destination depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.

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