What Is The Most Congested Airport In The UK?

Looking at the situation across the country.

It’s been a busy year for British aviation in 2022. While the airlines have been busy, they’ve been, perhaps, a little too busy amid all the airport congestion. There was also noticeable congestion in the lanes to the terminal.

the basis

Travel finance specialist eurochange has published a report looking at the busiest airports across the country in 2022. According to the organisation,

“The study calculated travel times for each month of the year, from Google Maps, based on a 30-mile commute, which is the average distance a UK resident lives from an airport, according to Statista, and then gave each an average including time.”

Looking at the numbers

Within the list, Birmingham Airport had the shortest journey time in 2022, with an average of just 35 minutes per passenger. Despite flying in the capital of the United Kingdom, London Gatwick was the second shortest of the crop, clocking in at just 36.25 minutes.

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At the other end of the spectrum, the average journey time to Manchester Airport was 53.3 minutes. It was flown by Edinburgh Airport in 59.3 minutes.

From least to busiest, below is the full breakdown of the ten airports:

  1. Birmingham International: 35 minutes
  2. Gatwick Airport: 36.25 minutes
  3. Aberdeen Dice: 37.5 minutes
  4. Newcastle Airport: 42.5 minutes
  5. London Heathrow: 47.08 minutes
  6. Glasgow International: 47.7 minutes
  7. Cardiff International: 49.7 minutes
  8. Bristol Airport: 51.8 minutes
  9. Manchester Airport: 53.3 minutes
  10. Edinburgh Airport: 59.3 minutes

British Airways Airbus A320neo

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Back to action

Edinburgh Airport served over three million passengers in 2021, which was a significant decrease from the 14.7 million passengers it handled in 2019. When it started, 4.7 million passengers had already flown through the airport in the first six months of 2022.

We reported in the summer that the airport was even forced to suspend its helpline following a spate of customers complaining about mishandling of luggage during a summer of chaos across the European travel industry. Management reported that there was a spate of verbal abuse towards its staff.

There is constant long-haul traffic from North America, Europe and the Middle East, with tourists, business travelers and students flocking to and from the city. The site is also gearing up for a record ten North American tracks this summer. Companies such as Air Canada, WestJet, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Virgin Atlantic all provide transoceanic operations from Edinburgh.

There is also an increase in eastbound service!

Although the airport serves Scotland’s capital city and has strong international links, there is only one runway airport and one major passenger terminal. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is such significant congestion at Edinburgh Airport.

How about the UK’s busiest airports? How about the overall comparisons between the destinations? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Source: eurochange


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