Weeva Has Launched – The World’s First Digital 360-Degree Sustainability Management Solution for the Travel Sector

LONDON, UK, Oct. 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The world’s first 360-degree digital sustainability management solution for the travel industry is here – Weeva launches for beta users

It is estimated that the hotel industry alone is worth over $570 billion globally, the travel industry as a whole is worth $1.6 trillion and employs over 271 million people – simply put, the travel industry has an impact. However, despite the apparent will to change, this impact is currently not being used to its full potential in containing the climate crisis, halting biodiversity loss and driving social and economic development.

This thinking was the catalyst that got Weeva co-founders Julie Cheetham and Lindsey Walter thinking about how they could help turn the tide on unsustainable practices in the travel industry. Their vision is to usher in a new era of net positive impact across the board, from BnBs to luxury safari lodges, urban boutiques to corporate hotel chains. The answer, they concluded, lies in data — or lack thereof.

“How can you record your destination if you don’t know where you are? So many in the travel industry want to do better but don’t have the tools or knowledge to know where to start. We wanted to break down the barriers to entry for sustainability and show that everyone is welcome and everyone can make a difference, as long as they have a central data repository that clearly tracks where companies are in terms of the impact of their operations,” says Julie Cheetham, Co-Founder and CEO of Weeva.

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Weeva is a uniquely designed Software as a Service (SaaS) platform – accessible on any desktop, laptop or tablet – that enables users to adopt a measurable and holistic sustainability practice. To do this, it offers a 360-degree connected system of tools and easy-to-use technology that tracks and reports net environmental and social impacts in real time. Provide a central repository for data collection, analysis and reporting. As a result of entering all the required data, the properties will get a live progress bar and will be able to record where they want to grow. Weeva also supports their continuous improvement process with a range of user-friendly resources.

Weeva’s framework is based on The Long Run’s 4 Cs: Conservation, Community, Culture and Trade. This is an established basis for sustainable change. Within the 4Cs are the parameters of Weeva – 18 interconnected domains that need to be managed holistically for a business to be sustainable and resilient. This variety of parameters provides users with a more nuanced perspective of their company’s overall positive and negative impacts, one that goes well beyond the myopic focus on carbon emissions that neglects other key aspects of sustainable operations.

Accessibility, inclusion and the democratization of sustainability in the sector are of paramount importance to Weeva, and as such the platform not only has a low price point – under $1000 per year per property – but has also been structured to allow users to do one Get started, no matter how small, and whichever of the 4Cs they feel most comfortable in. Every trip will be unique.

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No matter how small or large a property is, how many guests it hosts, or where in the world they are located, Weeva can use AI to weigh inputs to ensure properties see a Weeva progress bar and data analytics relevant to their relate circumstance. This, along with the ability to identify anomalies and weed out incorrect data, creates both a highly personalized profile and an accurate representation of progress.

“Much like the invention of personal fitness trackers led people to take responsibility for their health and well-being in unprecedented ways, Weeva wanted to replicate this behavior for sustainability practice in tourism. Weeva won’t do the work for you, but it will make it far more attainable and serve as an antidote to greenwashing, while giving a guiding hand to those who cannot undertake this journey alone, whether due to time, budget, or staffing constraints. Most importantly, we encourage everyone to just get started,” says Weeva Co-Founder, Director and Head of Commercial Development at Nianova Advisors Lindsey Walter.

Weeva is currently available to a beta group of hotel properties that includes a range of users from African safari lodges to a jungle camp in Costa Rica and even a pub hotel in Cornwall. And with plans to expand membership later this fall and open to all users in the new year, Weeva has big plans to become the gold standard for digital sustainability management solutions.

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Pilot User Testimonials:

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Incredibly useful tool for operations. Allows easy monitoring of the set goals.

Rebecca Dames, Conservation Manager, Grootbos (South Africa)

I love it! The colors are so fun and interactive. The language is concise, clear and yet understandable. You don’t have to be a sustainability expert to understand it. I love organizing topics and ideas. Makes things very doable and takes the “overwhelm” out of sustainability… To wrap up the first week of Weeva UAT, we are absolutely blown away by Weeva! It’s easy to use and rich in information (SO much more knowledge is embedded in Weeva than expected – fabulous!).

Emma Tuzinkiewicz, Executive Director, HBD (Sao Tome and Principe)

The best and fastest feature of Weeva, in my opinion, is managing resource usage in numbers.
Phillippa Hughes, General Manager, The Bull Inn (UK)

Images of the Weeva platform (high res) can be downloaded here.

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