Weekly Immigration Update: October 14–20, 2022

United Kingdom, October 20, 2022
Updates to UK immigration rules in the statement of changes

The UK government has changed UK immigration rules in a new Statement of Changes. The most important changes include:

  • Updates to several Global Business Mobility routes, including an overhaul of the Service Providers sub-route, allowing permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand to qualify for this route via a Free Trade Agreement;
  • An update allowing foreigners from British Overseas Territories to apply for a student visa without proof of English proficiency as was previously required; and
  • Citizens of Colombia, Guyana and Peru have been removed from the national visa list and can now enter the UK as visitors without having to apply for pre-authorisation.

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Hong Kong SAROctober 19, 2022
Policy Address Announces New Talent Acquisition Initiatives

  • Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive John Lee delivered the new government’s first keynote speech, which includes initiatives to attract business, investment and talent to boost Hong Kong SAR’s international competitiveness.
  • A new Top Talent Pass program will be launched for people who earn at least HK$2.5 million per year or who have graduated from the top 100 universities in the world and have at least three years of work experience.
  • Employers will also benefit from the easing of the mainland’s general employment policy program and admissions program for talent and professionals, including the elimination of the labor market test for certain occupations or high-income individuals, among other plans to stimulate the economy
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United StatesOctober 18, 2022
The parole process for Venezuelan citizens begins today

  • Beginning today, Venezuelan citizens and their immediate family members can be sponsored for parole through a new DHS entry process.
  • To qualify, applicants must be located outside of the United States, be a citizen of Venezuela or the spouse, domestic partner, or unmarried child of a Venezuelan citizen, have a US-based sponsor, and undergo security clearance and several other criteria.
  • US sponsors begin the process by filing a statement of support with USCIS certifying their commitment to provide financial and other support to named beneficiaries.
  • Approved beneficiaries are eligible for probation in the United States and a work permit for up to two years.

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MalaysiaOctober 18, 2022
Companies must submit forecasts for the employment card and professional visit pass for 2023

  • Companies in Malaysia owned by Expatriate Services Division (ESD) and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (MDEC) that intend to submit Professional Visit Pass (PVP) and Employment Pass applications in 2023 must submit projections for the number of foreign nationals they intend to sponsor through PVPs as soon as possible.
  • The ESD has begun accepting projection applications and the MDEC will begin accepting projection applications beginning November 1, 2022.
  • Although there is no filing deadline, affected employers who do not have approved 2023 projections will not be able to submit initial or renewal work card applications until they receive the necessary approval.
  • Foreigners already in Malaysia may be required to leave the country if their new work IDs cannot be issued before the current one expires
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United StatesOctober 17, 2022
The district court rules against the new DACA regulation but maintains the status quo for current DACA beneficiaries

  • A federal district court in the Southern District of Texas has confirmed that its injunction blocking the Department of Homeland Security’s 2012 DACA Memorandum also blocks the agency’s new DACA order, which was issued in August 2022.
  • The DACA regulation will not come into force on October 31, 2022 as originally planned.
  • However, the judgment of the lower court stands the current partial stay of its injunction, which allows current DACA beneficiaries to continue to maintain and renew DACA protections.
  • DACA beneficiaries should continue to submit extensions as soon as possible as further DACA litigation is anticipated.
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NamibiaOctober 14, 2022
Remote work visa introduced

  • A digital nomad visa for foreigners intending to work remotely for companies outside of Namibia has been introduced.
  • The visa is valid for six months and can be extended by a further six months at a time.
  • Applicants must email an application form to a designated government email address. The visa issuance schedule after processing will be announced later

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SwedenOctober 14, 2022
New passport control obligation for applicants for residence permits coming soon

  • From November 1, 2022, foreign nationals applying for a residence permit in Sweden must present their original passport in person before a permit can be granted, instead of the current procedure where visa-exempt applicants can submit biometric data in Sweden once the application has been made approved.
  • The change will not affect initial applications from visa applicants who present their passport when submitting biometrics (a photograph and fingerprints) as part of their visa or residency application.
  • For renewal applicants, the new requirement only applies to people who have received a new passport during their stay in Sweden; this does not apply to those who have previously presented their passport in person.

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