Weather Forecast: Severe Weather Conditions To Unload in Portions of Southern United States; Isolated Tornadoes, Damaging Wind Gusts Possible

Severe weather conditions are expected to develop in parts of the Southern United States this week, unloading flooding, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes.

Residents in predicted and affected areas should stay aware of severe weather conditions.

Additionally, drivers should check the weather in the Southern US before traveling.

Outbreaks of isolated tornadoes can be life-threatening, especially in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Recent reports noted that Alabama and Georgia declared state emergencies last week as tornado outbreaks were reported, causing widespread damage and casualties.

Isolated tornadoes and rain

March 26, 2021 in Ohatchee, Alabama

(Photo: by Julie Bennett/Getty Images)
March 26, 2021 in Ohatchee, Alabama

Tornadoes commonly hit Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana last year, causing significant damage and power outages.

AccuWeather explained that rain and possible thunderstorms are possible starting Monday.

Therefore, those outdoor planning activities should consider the current climate, and shade is necessary.

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Meanwhile, the storm in California could bring snow and travel concerns in Chicago and Denver.

In addition, the forecast noted that the storm could bring severe weather to east Texas and the lower Mississippi Valley.

In California, the drought conditions have been aided by the incessant rain in the region. In Mississippi, the coming severe weather would benefit the drought-stricken Mississippi River.

On Monday, AccuWeather’s outlook indicated that parts of the United States could expect wintry shower conditions.

  • Rain with possible thunderstorms is expected in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tucson, Chicago and Houston.
  • It would unload cold and snow in Minneapolis and Chicago.
  • Residents in Atlanta may experience mild weather conditions. Although, the cold condition is predicted in New York, Boston and Washington DC

On the other hand, the The National Weather Service it was reported that heavy snow could unload in parts of the Southwest as the storm intensifies in the Central US this week.

The NWS warned that high winds and fire hazards could occur in the Southern Plains.

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During the middle of the week, the forecast said that severe thunderstorms could unload Wednesday into Wednesday night, which would bring damaging wind gusts, isolated tornadoes and heavy downpours.

  • Severe weather may affect Dallas, Austin, Houston, Shreveport, Jackson and Memphis.
  • Residents in New Orleans should also prepare for severe weather conditions.
  • The weather forecast noted that heavy rain is expected to unload in New York, Nashville, Houston and Cincinnati from Wednesday to Thursday.

On Thursday, AccuWeather said severe weather could cause flash flooding and damaging wind gusts in Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, Montgomery and Birmingham.

Severe weather conditions

The report noted that severe weather could unleash isolated tornadoes.

According to Reuters, Alabama and Georgia suffered from tornado outbreaks last week, causing casualties and property damage.

As a result, people in the affected areas must prepare for possible tornadoes.

  • Keep informed of the weather reports before travelling.
  • Find a safe or secure place where you can hide when tornadoes occur.
  • Keep a bag or emergency kit that you may have during emergencies.

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