We splashed £4k on Turkey teeth – now we’re in agony & haven’t been able to drink anything hot for 5 months… it’s awful

A couple who splashed out £4,000 on turkey teeth say they are in agony and haven’t been able to drink anything hot for five months.

Jade Tushingham, 32, and her partner Kelly Tushingham, 30, said having veneers fitted to their teeth had “destroyed their lives”.

Jade Tushingham and her partner Kelly Tushingham traveled to Turkey to get their teeth


Jade Tushingham and her partner Kelly Tushingham traveled to Turkey to get their teethCredit: SWNS
But the couple say the whole process was painful — and they're still in agony today


But the couple say the whole process was painful — and they’re still in agony todayCredit: SWNS

A Chester couple excitedly packed their bags and set off for Antalya, Turkey after dreaming of the perfect smile.

But, months after getting pearly whites, Jade and Kelly are warning others against getting the procedure abroad.

The couple were attracted by the cheap dental prices and decided to make the most of the trip – so even planned a beach holiday.

But they passed their respite in unbearable pain, unable to eat or drink anything but broth and mashed potatoes.

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Although the couple loves their new teeth, they say they are still in pain.

Fitting veneers involves shaving the teeth before a new set is fitted on top of them.


Jade and Kelly, who booked the procedure through a private clinic, were given doses of local anesthetic before dentists reduced the teeth.

But the couple said they were in “immediate” agony and had to wait five hours at the clinic reception for dentists to fit temporary veneers over their “shark teeth”.

For the next five days, as they waited for their permanent fixtures, the couple said their teeth “stubs” ached.

On the sixth day, the loved-up couple were finally called back to have their crowns installed, but both described the process as ”like a bloodbath”.

The couple is now demanding to visit the Turkish clinic again to fix their teeth.

Jade told The Sun Online: “I always wanted to do it, even though my teeth were fine before.

“But even now, we’re both in constant pain.

“All the food in the hotel looked good, but we couldn’t eat any of it.

“We lived on mashed potatoes and soup, which was hard to even drink because our teeth were so sensitive.

“Looking back now, we couldn’t have been 100% done.”

She described the process as “hell”: “We used some of the savings we already had to pay.

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“They look lovely and picture perfect but it’s a nightmare.

Jade says it costs around £20,000 per person to have veneers fitted in the UK – so they opted for £4,240 for both.

‘Blood Everywhere’

After arriving for their procedures in September last year, the couple said they were left “on edge” as the clinic seemed “unprofessional”.

Jade said: “We had to dramatically download all of our teeth and get our temporary sets done before the actual veneers could be fitted.

“It’s scary to see our teeth filled with almost nothing and it’s really painful.”

Jade said they were sent with an anti-inflammatory and medicated mouthwash to use after the temporary veneers were placed.

Then, after five days of pain and not being able to eat, Jade and Kelly returned to the clinic in a panic.

The 32-year-old said: “The process was horrible, there was just blood everywhere.”

The couple, who left Turkey a week later and paid a total of £4,240 for two sets of permanent veneers, are still in severe pain.

Jade said: “We messaged the dentist on Instagram about it when we got back.

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“It was difficult to communicate because of the language barrier, but she advised us to take ibuprofen for five days and also try muscle relaxation.

“We were already taking ibuprofen anyway and it didn’t make any difference, so we didn’t know what to do.”

‘Just awful’

She said “nothing seemed to take the pain away”: “Having a cold drink after a hot meal was horrible.

“Our teeth are so sensitive that we cannot even drink a cup of tea.

“We have painkillers everywhere we go.”

Despite trying to get help back in the UK, the girls struggled to find a dentist who could help.

Jade said: “No dentist in the UK would touch them.

“Our teeth look visually appealing and people ask us where we did them because they want to do their work.

“We always say no, absolutely don’t do them. We don’t recommend them to anyone.”

It is not uncommon for people to jet to Turkey to get veneers at a lower price.

A TikToker recently told how people have been furious with him since he spent £5,320 getting the crowns fitted.

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Another said he was “over the moon” with his new look – despite people saying he looked like a horse with it on.

And a young woman has revealed how people say her new teeth are “too bright” – but she doesn’t care.

The couple said they were happy with the way their pearly whites looked


The couple said they were happy with the way their pearly whites lookedCredit: SWNS
But the couple said they wouldn't recommend anyone getting their teeth done the way they did


But the couple said they wouldn’t recommend anyone getting their teeth done the way they didCredit: SWNS


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