Watch This Guy Ride a 52-Hour Sleeper Train Across the United States

Thanks to technological advances, traveling has never been easier. There are many ways to get around these days, but, as Sheldon Cooper always puts it, train journeys are the best. Why? It’s environmentally friendly, and there’s no lag! But what if I told you that, apart from these benefits, you would be able to travel across the United States with amazing views? This is what Amtrak’s California Zephyr is all about!

You will get to ride the California Zephyr sleeper train across America for 52 hours. Starting in Chicago and traveling more than 2,500 miles through several states to San Francisco, this has got to be one of the unforgettable train journeys in history.

Amtrak’s California Zephyr provides the most scenic route in the United States.

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Our travelers start the video by trying to make up for being late. Yes, he arrived at Union Station in Chicago, IL, about 30 minutes before the train’s departure. Fortunately, he could still get tickets and even access to the premium lounge. While waiting for the train, we can see an abundance of food options and comfortable couches, but our modest YouTuber only got a can of drink.

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In a few minutes, the man would embark on an amazing adventure, and the size of the train would blow his mind. He boarded quickly, and we were shown the two-level interior of the train. The corridor leading to his room is narrow, and his room is, well, you guessed it, small.

Within a few minutes, the train appeared on a track covered with snow and a view of the city in the sunlight. They will travel through states before reaching their first fuel stop in Denver, Colorado. It briefly shows the functions of his “roomette,” which is very convenient. Oh, and there are even showers on board! The food truck also has a variety of food options, including steak!

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Our traveler had a chance to board briefly at Denver’s Union Station, where he got lost. By the time the train left for the Rocky Mountains, you could see the excitement in his eyes as it had never been there before! As soon as the train passed through the Rocky Mountains, he went to the observation car. It really felt like a dream!

It wasn’t long before they reached their next destination: Glenwood Springs. This is where our traveler became sentimental about the number of places he had visited and vowed to do it again himself.

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After almost being abandoned in Nevada, our travelers boarded the train and reached California, the final state of the journey. They took their final smoke break in Sacramento, and the video ended with heartfelt comments.

From the snowy state of Illinois to sunny California, Amtrak’s California Zephyr provides the most scenic route in the United States, and the railroad is an engineering marvel.

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