Want to retire abroad? Here are the best countries for healthcare, cost of living and happiness

currently cost of living crisisMore people than ever are looking for alternative ways of living.

But relocation isn’t just for digital nomads who take the time to move to a sunny country during the winter.

In the last 12 months, searches for “best country to retire in the UK” have increased by more than 90%. This reflects the increasing desire of the elderly to move in search of quality of life.

Now, new analysis from Penfold has revealed the best countries for Britons to retire.

Financial experts looked at the top countries that retirees are already looking at and compared them using 12 different lifestyle factors, including exchange rates, health care costs and the amount of money needed for retirement benefits. visa.

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What are the top three countries for retirement?

Ireland Penfold unexpectedly took third place in the list. Good health care, plenty of green space, and proximity to the UK make for a less-than-friendly atmosphere.

Also, it was one of the happiest and safest countries to live with pensioners when you only have 7,000 euros in your bank account to apply for a visa.

Ranked second Spain – Known as a popular destination for UK retirees. The country offers warm weather, beautiful beaches, and easy access by train or plane to visit friends and family.

Spain scores highly for happiness and safety, placing the country high on the list.

Croatia Penfold came top of the list with a much better cost of living compared to the UK. The cost of rent and daily living was almost half that of Britons living at home.

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And it only takes 2 hours and 5 minutes to get there on a relatively cheap flight from the UK. The financial requirements for the visa application were minimal (around £2,839 (€3,276)) and the medical costs were minimal.

What are the cheapest countries to retire?

When it comes to the cost of living, countries like the Philippines, Thailand and South Africa are around half the price of the UK. Outside of the top three countries to retire in Europe, the cheapest places to live were France, Italy and Cyprus.

What are the best European countries for healthcare?

Healthcare is another important consideration for people who want to move abroad later in life. Although it is one of the best in terms of quality, the cost of healthcare is the highest in Ireland. For the low price listed, the others were of the worst quality. Countries like Spain offer the best balance, according to Penfold’s rankings.

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Also, many countries require a certain amount of money in their bank account in order to apply for a visa. If you don’t have a lot of savings, it can be difficult to relocate in retirement. But even countries like Canada USA South Africa will allow you to get a permanent visa for £10,000 (around €11,500) or less.


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