Want To Fly Private? These 7 Apps Make It Easier and Cheaper Than Ever Before

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Private jets are usually synonymous with luxury and very expensive travel. But there are companies that offer private and semi-private services that may be more affordable than some travelers think.

During the pandemic, certain markets in the travel industry emerged, one of which was private flights. There are many advantages — and disadvantages — that travelers may consider for their upcoming trip.

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And yes, there are new and exciting luxury bus routes to avoid airport chaos, but time is precious, and jet travel can get you to your destination faster and very comfortably without all the regular stress. Travelers usually need to arrive just 20 or 30 minutes in advance, and since they use private or small airports, there is no need to worry about crowded terminals or airport traffic.

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There are businesses that offer great fall and winter getaways that can add value to your vacation experience. Here is a list and brief description of 7 apps that are offering exclusive jet services in the United States.


This independent air carrier – founded in 2016 – offers semi-private flights with comfortable seats, flight attendants, and spacious cabins. On their website, they state: “You can enjoy the convenience of private travel at less private fares”.

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JXS flies to popular cities like Miami, Austin, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, with per-seat fares starting at $159 and even less. There are different prices, we have to compare them with traditional carriers, and sometimes the price changes only a few dollars in some ways.

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This is one of the largest companies in private aviation. XO owns over 2,400 aircraft worldwide. They offer shared flights where travelers can book individual seats and entire private jets, all through their friendly mobile app.

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This company is currently offering flights from Las Vegas to San Francisco starting at $785. XO also offers memberships starting at $595 per year, and members receive discounts and benefits throughout the year.


This company describes itself as a private jet charter and travel app and offers itineraries for travelers in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Users can book or bid on flights and choose from 9,023 aircraft. Flewber currently offers 57,360 routes at 1,964 airports.

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Air Surf

This carrier is headquartered in California and offers memberships starting at $199 per month that provide discounts and benefits – like being just 15 minutes before flights start – and on-demand flights at $500 per hour.

The prices can vary greatly depending on the aircraft and the length of your trip, but travelers can find seats for as low as $100.


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Another popular charter operator in the US and Canada is ASAP Jet, this aviation company has a smart pricing tool, and travelers can request trips through the app and get quotes and see current routes from more than 700 different companies. Membership starts at $79.99 per month or $399 per year.

Users can use the “empty leg” feature to search for upcoming flights and find the best deals through the app.

Wheels Up

The wheels up also includes a search engine that displays over 1,500 aircraft and offers a special app for customers to book flights, and also apply for membership programs starting at $2,495 for two years and a $2,995 initiation fee.

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They have a special partnership with Delta, and users can link Delta Skymiles – recently updated policies – and get more benefits. The company updated its fees a few months ago, and according to a shared review on Private Jet Card Comparison, hourly rate prices now start at $5,195.


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This company is also very popular – especially in New York – for its helicopter and airplane services. Blade also offers jet services and a special seasonal scheduled jet service called BLADEone for flights from New York to Miami or Palm Beach for $9,750, and travelers get $900 off per seat. They also offer seat packs with discounts.

Warning for Travelers: Don’t Forget Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip!

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