Wander, woman: Global travel adventures for your next girls’ trip

When it comes to women-only travel, the market is booming. These days, tour groups for hikers, bikers, foodies, yoga enthusiasts, and everyone in between are geared toward solo travelers and groups of girlfriends looking for adventure. With all the planning and logistics involved, deciding where to go is the hardest part, and women of all ages are signing up for the kid-free, man-free, stress-free fun.

Here are some of the best women-only resorts in the world.

Surf sistas: Home and abroad

If your ideal vacation is catching waves and watching sunsets on tropical beaches, check it out Surf Amigas. These retreats take place in many locations, including Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and are suitable for all skill levels. Trips led by an all-female team of experienced surfers include plenty of coaching and one-on-one surf lessons, as well as inside information on the best local entertainment for the waves. When you’ve had your fill of the beach, there’s plenty of free time to wander the market or relax by a tropical waterfall.

Perhaps your ideal vacation is catching waves and watching the sunset on tropical beaches.  Photo / Escape Haven
Perhaps your ideal vacation is catching waves and watching the sunset on tropical beaches. Photo / Escape Haven

Although the UK may seem like a very cold place to learn to sail, Ride On Retreats It has been a popular port of call for travelers and travelers for almost a decade. Based in Cornwall, this all-inclusive, small-group retreat offers surfing and paddleboarding for all abilities, as well as daily yoga classes. If you’d rather head to the Med, Ride On offers a week-long cruise in Portugal, where you can dine with a private chef to suit your preferences.


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Close to home Aotearoa Surf School regular wellness retreats with lots of beach time in the best spots for beach lovers to practice exercise, yoga, relaxation, and catch the waves. Take in stunning ocean views from a beachfront eco-pod, or enjoy boho dining in a shared glamping teepee.

Bali is dreaming

With tropical jungles, peaceful temples and beaches, it’s easy to find happiness in Bali. When it comes to the perfect R&R vacation just for women, Escape from the swelling is the best choice. The wellness packages on offer are invitingly titled “Refresh”, “Refresh” and “Refresh” and include yoga classes, spa treatments, gourmet meals and pool relaxation. There are surfing packages for sporty types, detox retreats to flush out toxins and boost immunity, and luxury yachting packages for swimming, island hopping and Komodo dragon excursions. The ‘Bucket List’ package includes the best of Bali’s highlights, including amazing adventures like the Kampuhan Ridge Walk, Sound Therapy at Chi Pyramids, and swimming with turtles and manta rays.

When it comes to the perfect women-only getaway for maximum R & R, Escape Haven is the ultimate choice.  Photo / Escape Haven
When it comes to the perfect women-only getaway for maximum R & R, Escape Haven is the ultimate choice. Photo / Escape Haven

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A sanctuary of happiness This is another top choice for Bali-based entertainment. This leafy paradise in Ubud offers a variety of women-only resorts, each focused on a different theme. Travelers can choose from everything from sightseeing to self-improvement, and there are plenty of options for thrill-seekers and adventure seekers alike. There’s even an Eat, Pray Love event that focuses on spiritual healing, unlimited massages and spa treatments.

At the slightly more affordable end of the Bali-luxe scale, Goddess Retreats Offers week-long yoga packages especially for female travelers. Guests can choose from a variety of yoga and meditation classes daily, as well as indulgent massages, facials, body scrubs and glam-icure at the on-site spa. If alternative therapies interest you, oxygen therapy, reiki, and tarot card readings are available as additions.

With a bike, you can travel: the world is on bikes

If the idea of ​​traveling the world’s most scenic highways and roads gets your wheels turning, check it out. Women’s Motorcycle Tour. There are tours for all skill levels, from pedaling iron through America’s vast Appalachian Mountains, kicking up dust on a motorcycle safari in Namibia, and zigzagging through the Himalayas in Bhutan.

Put pedal to the metal with your fellow travelers.  Photo / Lukas Gojda
Put pedal to the metal with your fellow travelers. Photo / Lukas Gojda

For those who prefer a modest pusher bike, A holy journey offers women-only mountain bike tours. Riders ride Pura Vida vacations through the Costa Rican jungle and down the slopes of the Rincon de la Vieja volcano, past waterfalls, hot springs, and tropical beaches. There’s also the chance to explore the scenic roads of Quebec City, Canada, or if forests aren’t your thing, explore the rugged highlands of southwestern Utah. USA.

If Iceland has always been on your travel wish list A Roaring Adventure with the option to take you away from tourist spots. Women-only mountain bike tours include daring treks along the nearby lava fields of Hekla Volcano and trips to remote mountains beyond Reykjavík. Designed for fit and experienced cyclists, these short tours all last 4-6 days and are the perfect addition to your dream Northern Europe tour.

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New frontiers in Asia and Africa

Women’s expeditions A daring journey Travelers are offered a variety of tours where they can connect with local women in a women-friendly space. Destinations include Pakistan, Jordan, Iran and Morocco, each with professional female guides to go off-road.


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Intrepid Travel's Women's Expeditions offer a variety of tours where travelers can connect with local women in a women-friendly space.  Photo / Brave Journey
Intrepid Travel’s Women’s Expeditions offer a variety of tours where travelers can connect with local women in a women-friendly space. Photo / Brave Journey

Past trips have included a visit to a beauty salon in Shiraz, Iran, where women can take off their headscarves and relax in an area where men are not allowed, and a meeting with a community of female shepherds in Jordan. has been engaged in traditional farming for centuries. With a trip to Morocco planned, adventurous women can participate in a weaving workshop organized by the Ladies’ Artisan Association, see the stunning M’goun Valley, and have Berber women apply traditional henna and cologne makeup.

Live in South America

El Camino Small group tours offer everything from mud baths in Colombian volcanoes to flamingo spotting in Bolivia’s Red Lake. Explorers can search for their perfect trip by country or theme using categories such as “crafts,” “dancing,” and “street food.” While South America is the most star-studded, there are other tourist destinations such as Croatia, Spain, Cuba, and Trinidad and Tobago, where each trip is focused on authentic experiences and inspiring female travelers.

Another strength of El Camino’s emphasis on sustainable tourism is that the company works with small businesses to ensure that as many tourist dollars as possible are returned to the communities they visit.

For adventure lovers Wild Woman Expeditions A variety of outdoor tours are offered, including hiking, canoeing, caving, and more. They operate all over the world, but the most popular tours are in South America. Options include horseback riding along the ancient gaucho trails of the Andes in Argentina and a multi-sport adventure through Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile.

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A classic girls trip

Whether you want to see the pyramids of Egypt from the back of a camel, enjoy culinary delights in France or take photos in the stunning Cinque Terre of Northern Italy. Trafalgar Tour has a women-only tour for you. With multiple options, you can add a short trip to the end of your vacation or choose your bucket list destinations and travel from place to place. Each tour is led by female guides and is suitable for solo female travelers and groups of girlfriends.

Check for longer trips Insight vacation Wander Women tours. These premium tours include a guided cruise from Venice along the Dalmatian coast, and a 12-day tour of India with cities such as Delhi, Udaipur and Jodhpur.

Distant expeditions

Think you’ve “been there, done that” on vacation? WHOA Travel organize trips that change your mind. WHOA stands for Women High On Adventure, and this woman-led company specializes in once-in-a-lifetime trips to some of the world’s most remote destinations. The Antarctic Expedition is an epic 13-day journey that begins in Ushuaia, the southernmost tip of Argentina. From there, travelers can explore the incredible wildlife of the Drake Passage and the South Shetland Islands before exploring remote inlets and penguin colonies on the Ice Continent.

Other treks include the Mahame Route to Mt Kilimanjaro, known as the ‘Roof of Africa’, traversing Mount Elbrus, an extinct volcano in the Russian Caucasus Mountains.

Mount Kilimanjaro, also known as the “Roof of Africa”. Image / supplied

Sphere+tribe is an all-female adventure travel company exploring the world’s least-traveled corners. They offer intrepid travelers a Mongolian expedition in the Altai Mountains, where they spend the night in traditional tents. If that’s not exotic enough, the next part of the trip involves meeting some of the area’s famous Eagle Hunters and enjoying local booze and music at the Golden Eagle Festival.

There are also food tours to meet Georgia’s winemakers, as well as hiking in Tusheti National Park, the country’s most remote area on the planet.

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