Victoria Fuller & Greg Grippo Explained Their Italy Trip & Relationship Timeline

Despite being engaged to Johnny DeFillipo Bachelor in Paradise, Victoria Fuller began dating Greg Grippo after appearing on the show. Although Victoria and Greg (Kathy Thurston graduate). Bachelor season) the couple made their debut Paradise Several questions remain about the Season 8 reunion and their relationship: from cheating to these rumour about the thrown wine glass.

Victoria and Greg recently took to Nick Viall’s podcast to talk everything from their breakup with Johnny. After the beach, Victoria said she was “trying not to get discouraged” by Johnny’s lack of career direction. She bounces back and forth between rap and real estate, like, “Okay, you’re just trying to figure it out,” Victoria adds, “but it’s frustrating for people who think they’re engaged to someone who already has it.”

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Victoria “is [got] poisons very quickly,” explaining the wine-bottle-throwing controversy three weeks later.Paradise relationship. They were watching Bachelor, He said he made a comment about how Johnny should have been the next Bachelor. When Victoria tells him that this wouldn’t have happened to him, he replies, “Yeah, coming from someone who’s known for being a home wrecker.” This offends Victoria, who starts an argument by throwing a wine bottle, not at her. “It was really hard for me to do that,” he said.

He also asked Johnny, “Why?” [she was] “It’s so bad,” he said, and they went to get treatment about it. But he ended everything when he realized that it was “irreversible”.

Victoria and Greg got engaged at the end of September. At first they thought it was “not a good time” but decided to be together anyway. “It was weird being in hiding,” Greg said, adding that a trip to Rome in October “changed everything.”

“Let me do it. Let’s get a wig in case people notice us looking,” Greg said.No one did until fans spotted the couple near the Coliseum.

During the podcast, Victoria called out Tyler Norris Paradise reuniting: “It wasn’t his damn business … Tyler, we didn’t have a threesome, okay buddy? So stay away.” At first, Greg refused to participate in the special. “We care deeply about this relationship and we wanted to protect it,” Greg said. “At the end of the day, there was no question … I just have to support him. I’m going there no matter what.”

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Victoria and Greg revealed on the podcast that they officially fell in love on Halloween and will soon be moving in together in Nashville. “He just came to Boston to visit my family,” Victoria said. “They love him.”


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