US official visiting Nepal to counter ‘disinformation’

Acting Deputy Secretary for Global Public Affairs Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau arrives in Kathmandu on Wednesday. In addition to a visit to Nepal, she will travel to the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and the Kyrgyz Republic, the US State Department said.

“Your 12-day trip will prioritize working with U.S. diplomatic missions on political and embassy priorities, including countering disinformation from Russia and the People’s Republic of China, continued U.S. support for the people of Afghanistan, social justice, media freedom and climate .” the State Department said in a statement.

The visit comes two weeks after Li Zhanshu, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chinese National People’s Congress, returned home after completing his visit to Nepal.

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According to the US Embassy in Kathmandu, Trudeau has no political meetings with party leaders and government officials while in Kathmandu. She will come to Nepal on a two-day trip from Pakistan.

“Trudeau’s visit is purely internal and no meetings with political party leaders and officials are planned. She will hold meetings with officials at the US embassy,” a US embassy official said. She heads the Department of Public Affairs at the State Department.

Prior to Nepal’s parliamentary ratification of the Millennium Challenge Nepal Corporation (MCC) Nepal Compact, the United States accused some outside forces of trying to spread misinformation and disinformation against the MCC’s $500 million grant to Nepal.

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According to a Nepalese diplomat, Trudeau handles public diplomacy, handles the media, initiates second diplomacy and works to shape public opinion in favor of the US government.

“Visit after visit from the United States shows that Nepal is their priority, and they also come here openly and vocally. What they say publicly, they do publicly,” the Nepalese diplomat said.

“They believe that a country worked hard to spread disinformation against the US before ratifying the Nepal MCC compact, and the US wants to counter such maneuvers.”

Trudeau will meet with government officials and civil society leaders, foreign media and press, influencers, students, journalists and US public diplomacy departments, the statement added.

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Meanwhile, a senior official in the prime minister’s office said the visiting officer should know and understand that Nepal is scheduled to hold elections in November and that this is not the right time to visit the country.

The State Department said Acting Assistant Secretary Trudeau will meet with activists from minority groups, media contacts and alumni of the embassy’s exchange program for roundtable discussions on disinformation and the role of the media in a democracy. “She will also visit the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation sites in Kathmandu.”