UPDATE: Are worldwide travel restrictions coming for the Chinese as UK and France take action

08:40 (December 31) – Britain and France are the latest countries to introduce travel restrictions for people from China.

The EU has said that it is wrong for individual countries to take unilateral measures, but some countries are not quick to correct the mistakes they made in 2020, as the pandemic still lingers. Then there are restrictions. delayed and cost millions of lives.

Australia has said it is too early to make any decisions, but it is increasingly likely that more countries will follow suit. Rising caseloads in China, Russia and elsewhere suggest they, like most European countries, may soon be forced to do the same.

Part of the difficulty in making a decision is the lack of accurate data from China, where the evidence in hospitals and morgues tells a different story, but the country continues to report low numbers of infections and deaths.

09:46 (December 30) – Spain has added its name to the list of countries that have imposed travel restrictions on Chinese tourists.

China’s out of control transmission has prompted many countries to impose travel restrictions on people traveling from China as they move to halt the spread of the COVID-19 virus that brought the world to a standstill two years ago.

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Although Chinese authorities continue to say they have the virus under control and will open their borders to travelers as a result, the opposite is true. Although there have been no deaths in China in recent days, the media reports that the death toll may reach 9,000 per day.

Italy, which requires a negative COVID-19 test before travel, is also testing on arrival, while the United States is testing wastewater on planes arriving from the Far East.

Ironically, Britain’s choice not to impose restrictions appears to be politically motivated as the country’s tourism industry struggles to recover. China was the UK’s second largest tourism market before the pandemic.

21:40 (December 28) – The US also announced travel restrictions on Chinese tourists.

According to AFP News, the US will require all travelers from China to test negative for COVID-19 before travel.

21:28 (Dec 28) – China’s surge in COVID-19 infections and the reopening of its borders to international travel have led some countries to impose travel restrictions on visitors from the country.

Italy, the first country to be hit by the virus in Europe in 2020, is reimposing travel restrictions for the first time, requiring all travelers from China to be tested.

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The new measures issued by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday, December 28, follow the experimental regime introduced at Milan Malpensa Airport. The results of these tests show that every second passenger is infected.

Health Minister Orazio Schillaci said: “This measure is important for the detection and surveillance of possible variants of the virus to protect the Italian population.”

The statement did not provide any additional information, particularly what measures are being taken against those who have tested positive. Health chiefs in the Lombardy region around Milan and the Lazio region around Rome will be quarantined in buildings isolated from local health facilities, Reuters reported.

On the same day, Italy issued a statement saying that China is predicting the situation and that the virus is under control. But stories on social media tell a very different story for hospitals and crematoriums to cope with.

Japan will introduce new restrictions on travelers from mainland China starting later this year, and the United States is set to announce similar travel restrictions.

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Several countries have moved quickly to impose travel restrictions on Chinese due to COVID-19, with Italy leading the way in Europe, and are currently exploring options for the arrival of travelers.

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