Upcoming postal service changes criticized at meeting

Oct. 20—Former postal workers and union leaders recently gave a presentation at the Memorial Library, attended by a few dozen residents, on proposed changes to the United State Postal Service.

The changes are part of the Postal Services’ 10-year plan to consolidate delivery centers. According to David Staiger, a current postal worker and speaker at the event, this means Andover hauliers will be traveling to and from a facility in Woburn rather than the Andover Post Office.

According to a letter to the postal unions, the change is planned for February.

Staiger said this will make it harder for postal workers to do their jobs, which would also exacerbate the understaffing problem.

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Staiger and other speakers also criticized USPS communications, citing a lack of information about the upcoming changes.

Andover’s retired postal worker Peter Blunt said there were other issues to consider as well, including the current fleet of USPS vehicles being unsafe to drive on freeways.

Blunt added that USPS plans to introduce a new fleet of vehicles better suited for the highway next spring, but that he is skeptical that the introduction will happen.

“Wearers’ lives are not to be gambled with,” Blunt said.

Scott Hoffman, chairman of the Boston Metro Area union, also spoke at the meeting. Hoffman criticized Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s cost-saving measures, such as the upcoming change at Andover, which in some cases actually cost USPS more money and created additional problems.

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Hoffman recommended residents speak to their representatives in the Senate and Congress.

Janice Sifferlen said the meeting showed her there was still time to stop the changes. She added that she was concerned about the safety of the postmen.

A USPS spokesman said via email that the changes would make the delivery network more efficient and effective and better serve the American public.

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“This model will significantly improve our transportation utilization by reducing the time and cost of transportation to facilities and, in the case of shared housing, completely eliminating the need for transportation,” said USPS Communications Specialist Amy Gibbs. “Furthermore, this initiative will enable us to deploy more battery electric vehicles, as more routes would exceed the optimal length to make such vehicles operational, and as the vehicles would come from facilities with improved power infrastructure to accommodate the required charging stations.” support. “

The full presentation is available on the city’s website.


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