Unexpected winter season for Montenegrin tourism

Montenegro’s tourism sector could make unexpected gains during the energy crisis due to high energy prices in Europe. The country is preparing an offer to attract an emerging breed of tourists, mostly from central and western Europe, the so-called “energy tourists”, but also the well-known category of digital nomads.

Energy tourists are European Union (EU) citizens planning to move to countries where energy is not as expensive as in their home countries during the winter.

Ranko Jovović, President of the Association of Tourism and Hospitality Industry in the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro (PKCG), said that electricity prices in the EU have risen significantly, prompting European citizens to book hotels in Turkey for the coming winter.

Almost 60,000 guests from Germany are expected in Dubrovnik

The situation in Croatia is similar, where one travel agency alone is said to bring more than 58,000 guests from Germany to Dubrovnik. At the same time, the domestic tourism industry has entered a period of low activity.

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The Board of Directors of the Tourism and Hospitality Association has initiated a meeting at PKCG with the aim of launching a campaign to promote Montenegro as a tourist destination for guests from Western and Central Europe to use the money they otherwise spend on food and heating in their country would be able to stay longer home countries.

At the meeting, it was agreed to set up a working group to create an offer for energy tourists and digital nomads. The working group will consist of representatives from hoteliers, travel agencies, the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism, the National Tourism Organisation, To Montenegro Airline and the airports of Montenegro.

It all started in Great Britain

Economic Development and Tourism Minister Goran Đurović called on all participants of the meeting to create offers for digital nomads and energy tourists with a focus on the German and British markets. These offers will also be advertised at the forthcoming show in London.

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Aleksandra Gardašević Slavuljica of the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism said energy tourists first appeared in Britain and then the trend spread to Germany, France and other Western European countries.

The assumption is that energy tourists will be the elderly and families with young children

Responsible tourism destinations started developing offers a few weeks ago and there is great potential, she added.

Gardašević-Slavuljica highlighted Britain as the place where it all began. Its officials suggested that its citizens spend the winter abroad in order to reduce their cost of living and reduce energy consumption in the country.

In her opinion, the assumption is that energy tourists are elderly people and families with small children, whose stay is estimated to be at least a month.

The Canary Islands are the first destination for energy tourists, Montenegro should be the second

The Canary Islands are the first destination in the world to welcome energy tourists and Montenegro should be next, so it is necessary to make offers as soon as possible, she said.

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Ana Tripković Marković, director of the National Tourism Organization, urged everyone to submit concrete offers and prizes in the next ten days to create an attractive promotion.

Branislav Prelević, CEO of the Regulatory Authority for Energy (REGAGEN), rejected media allegations that the authority had already prepared an electricity price increase. He explained that the final price will be known after a public consultation.

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