UK teen plots jihadist attack in London following religious conversion

A teenager in the UK planned a jihad attack in London following a religious conversion. According to the Metropolitan Police (MET), Matthew King (19) from Essex was arrested by counter-terrorism officers as part of a proactive operation in May 2022. Inquiries subsequently found that he was planning an attack on police officers and a member of armed forces. Matthew King also conducted a hostile patrol of several locations over several months and discussed carrying out a mass casualty attack on members of the public, targeting Christians, Jews, Hindus and non-Muslims.

According to Commander Richard Smith, who leads the Met’s Counter-Terrorism Command, “It was not clear when or where Matthew King intended to carry out his attack, but he carried out a significant amount of hostile reconnaissance.

“In online conversations he talked about carrying out an indiscriminate attack in public. Disturbingly, he also talked about targeting police and military personnel.

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“Concerns about King’s state of mind were reported to the police, and it was these reports that led to the investigation of King and the discovery of his planning of the attack.

“This is another case that shows how the around-the-clock efforts of the police, with our partners, keep the public safe from very real threats.

“It also shows how important it is for the public to report anyone they believe may be vulnerable to radicalization, or already on that path.”

An investigation into King was opened in April 2022 after information was received about concerns about his radical Islamist mindset. Further inquiries were made and King was arrested at an address in Essex on 18 May 2022.

While he was being held in custody, the officers conducted quick-time inquiries and found on his devices evidence of his extreme beliefs, a hostile patrol he had carried out in various locations and conversations about planning the attack.

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He visited and photographed barracks in London and a police station, as well as recording officers at railway stations and outside a criminal court.

Inquiries found that he had taken steps to obtain a knife online, and he was also planning to travel abroad to join ISIS (Islamic State).

Matthew King was charged with preparing acts of terrorism, contrary to section 5(1)(a) of the Terrorism Act (TACT) 2006 on 31 May 2022.

Matthew King appeared at the Old Bailey on 20 January 2023 and pleaded guilty to preparing terrorist acts (contrary to section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2000). His sentence will be handed down on April 14 in the same court.

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After the arrest of Matthew King and his confession of planning jihad attacks in London and joining the Islamic State (ISIS), one can now ask – how many other “kings” may have already been converted to Islam and brainwashed by the radical Muslim clerics. As I have written regularly about the threats posed by radical Islam and Muslim extremism in Britain, as well as mosques and so-called Islamic centers in London and other parts of the UK being used as breeding grounds for jihadists, it is an urgent task for UK intelligence and law enforcement to immediately begin investigating those mosques and Islamic centers and closely monitor the activities of Muslims in Britain, especially those immigrants.


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