UK airports could scrap security rules on liquids thanks to new hi-tech scanners

The introduction of 3D scanners at airports could mean that passengers no longer have to remove liquids from hand luggage.

The UK government is considering installing hi-tech scanners at airports around the country.

If the technology is rolled out, security rules for taking liquids and laptops out of handbags could be abolished in the UK in 2024.

A final decision has yet to be made, but what could this mean for the future of air travel?

What are the safety rules for liquids in hand luggage?

The current rules and UK Airport Passengers are required to put all liquids in a clear plastic bag to go through security.

Passengers are allowed to bring a maximum of one liter of liquid in containers of up to 100ml, although in practice most airports allow one plastic bag per passenger.

The plastic bag must be removed from hand luggage when passing through security checks.

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The liquid bag must be placed in a tray together with laptops or tablets.

These rules are since November 2006.

Are the security restrictions on liquids in hand luggage lifted?

The UK government is considering installing 3D scanners at airports in the next two years.

This would mean that passengers would no longer have to take out their bags with liquids or laptops suitcase when you go through security.

The technology is similar to the CT scanners used in hospitals.

According to the Times, Great Britain large airport have been given a deadline of mid-2024 to introduce the hi-tech scanners.

Ministers are conducting a review and an official announcement is expected in the coming weeks.

The advanced technology has already been used in London Heathrow Airport since 2017.

It allows staff to zoom in on items in the traveler Baggage and rotate the images for detailed inspection.

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“We have just started the expansion of the security area in Terminal 3, which will have more CT scanners and a deadline of mid-2024 from the [Department for Transport]Heathrow chief John Holland-Kaye told the Times.

“Until then, the normal passenger experience will be that liquids stay in bags.”

Why are there queues and delays at airport security?

Throughout the summer, airports across Europe have been overwhelmed by numbers of travelers due to resuming travel following pandemic restrictions.

It caused long queues at security checks. Those delays even mean passengers missed flights.

Airports and airlines blame lack of staff and too many flights a day.

The delays are often also exacerbated by passengers not taking liquids and laptops out of their bags.

Are the safety rules for liquids different around the world?

Earlier this year, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that millions of dollars would be invested Hi-tech airport scanners in the United States.

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The TSA said the technology makes passengers feel safer because it can better detect prohibited objects such as weapons.

The agency added that it will also remove the need for travelers to take liquids and laptops from hand luggage.

At the moment, however, these rules still apply.

Around the world, restrictions regarding liquids in hand bags are pretty standard. The US, EU, UK and dozens of other nations follow the same rules.

There are only a few exceptions. The limit on liquids is lifted for domestic flights in Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and New Zealand, for example.

However, if you’re not sure about the rules, it’s always best to double-check on your airline’s website.

Watch the video above for tips on how to pack for a week with hand luggage.


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