Turkey and Antalya to Rise to the Top of the World in Cycling Tourism

Turkey and Antalya lead the world in cycling tourism
Turkey and Antalya will rise to the top of the world in cycling tourism

28 international cycling races are held as part of the Turkey Winter Races series, which takes place on the World Cycling Union (UCI) calendar and starts on 23 January. 76 athletes from 1260 foreign teams and 4 Turkish athletes from 63 Turkish teams will compete in the series. 1323 athletes will be accommodated in 24 cycle friendly hotels, which will be led by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy. The Turkey 2023 Winter Races series is also important for professional world teams, as it awards UCI and Olympic points.

The teams will prepare for the season by camping in Antalya between 15.12.2022 and 10.04.2023 and compete in races in the Antalya tourist centers of Kemer, Antalya, Kundu, Belek, Side and Alanya. Most of these teams plan to come to Turkey during the summer for high-altitude camps, especially in Kayseri-Ersiyes.

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Making a statement on the matter, the president of the Cycling Tourism Association, Recep Şamil Yaşacan, said that the winter of 2023 is the period when many cycling organizations will be organized. Stating that the Turkish Winter Race Series is the biggest international cycle race series, Yaskan said, “Athletes participating in the Olympics come to our country to participate in these races and do their preparations during the 5-month camp period.”

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Stating that the customer of cycle tourism is more qualified and qualified than the customer of golf, “Our aim is to attract the attention of our country with this race series and ensure that our country gets a share of this cake with high quality. And the qualified customers provided by cycle tourism. Antalya is a pilot area for us. Starting from here, we aim to expand our company to 7 regions in Turkey. We have the ability to organize these events in both summer and winter and bring quality and qualified customers to the country. Cycling customers come for history, gastronomy, culture and health. Through competitions like this, we can attract these customers to our Bring to the country.

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“These institutions will continue,” says Yasakan, “Cycle tourism will reach a commercial volume of 85 billion dollars in Europe in 2023. There are some things we as a country need to do to get a serious share of this cake. For athletes to be comfortable with their equipment, hotels in every region of the country must be a bicycle friendly accommodation facility. Certificate should be obtained.All institutions of our state including highways, all provinces, districts, towns and villages should draw attention to this issue.


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