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The study abroad program One of the most popular and coveted opportunities City College has to offer. In nearly 50 years, more than 6,000 students have participated in trips abroad, and the program has sent students to 20 different countries around the world. According to study abroad program advisor Nicole Walter, City College has a strong and in-demand program that offers a wide variety of trips and low-cost trips that offer the same quality of adventure and education. Students return from their travels around the world with a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them, and a renewed sense of self-confidence. Walter notes that when students return home, they bond so much with their companions that these relationships often lead to traveling the world together again. City College is offering four study abroad trips in the spring, summer, and fall of 2023.


From the city to the countryside, students will immerse themselves in Italian culture while improving their writing skills in the Italian capital.

Students will improve their skills in contemporary literature and creative writing: literature, Italian, and personal development while taking breaks from class at the local coffee bar around the corner.

Classes run Monday through Thursday, allowing for a three-day weekend trip.

Students can also explore southern Italy with a three-day, two-night trip to Sorrento, Pompeii, and Capri.

Sarah Boggs and Camila Acosta will work as a co-director of this program. Boggs served as director of a similar trip in 2019, and he said he’s wanted to go back ever since.

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“This program is unique because you can use Rome as a classroom,” Boggs said. “It’s like living in a history book.”

The 88-night educational tour will depart the United States on February 5 and return on May 5.

Find out more about flights, accommodation, books and more here website.

“It’s fun to make them fall in love with Rome,” Boggs said after sharing what excites him most about his upcoming trip.

Costa Rica

After a long and stressful school year, students can spend their summer vacation on the sandy beaches of Manuel Antoni, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica offers special outdoor opportunities for those planning to use this program.

After waking up and enjoying a host family breakfast, the students will go surfing with a local instructor and attend stretching and Spanish grammar lessons.

No previous surfing experience is necessary, but students must demonstrate the ability to swim 100 meters continuously.

Weekly salsa dance lessons, Mangrove boat trips, traditional cooking classes, and visits to Manuel Antonio National Park are just a few of the activities designed to introduce students to the surrounding culture.

For a small fee, students can enjoy ziplining, whitewater rafting, and a visit to Nauyaka Falls.

He has been teaching at the city college since 1982. Sally Saenger will be the first part-time faculty member to direct the study abroad program.

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“I’m excited to be with a group of students from another country, watching them grow and creating new and exciting learning experiences for them,” Saenger said.

Students will begin their summer adventure on June 3rd and return home on June 25th.

Potential travelers must fill out online application More information will be available on the website by March 26 web page.


On June 11, 2023, students will leave for a month-long summer trip to Japan. Students will explore the city and countryside of Tokyo and try to gain a rich understanding of the culture, environment, and life of a foreign country. Along with the exhilarating feeling of travel, the program also includes an exploration of international cinema by learning from classic and contemporary Japanese directors. Students will spend time in traditional temples, participating in meditation and tea ceremonies, as well as free time to explore independently.

Professor Michael Stinson, who is about to join a group of students in Japan, recalls his life experiences while spending much of his life and career abroad.

“It opens up the whole world,” Stinson said. “You don’t have to limit yourself to normal life choices.”

After living in Japan for six years, Stinson says the most exciting thing about her summer travels is the amazing food and abundance of natural hot springs that dot the Japanese landscape.

The program The deadline for payment is March 1. More information on costs, flights, accommodation and activities can be found here. website.

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Traveling to the other side of the world with like-minded students and adults is just around the corner.

Stinson encourages every student to spend time immersed in another culture. “You eventually come back a different person,” Stinson said.


With deep blue oceans, white sand beaches, and rich green jungles, the study abroad program is headed to Bali. The trip focuses on developing skills in Marine Biology, Oceanography, Sociology, and Anthropology, offering students one course during their stay in Bali. Students are required to enroll in at least 13 units throughout the program, which begins at City College in the fall and continues while students travel. This is an educational trip where students will participate in a hands-on experimental program to explore Bali’s nature and local environment.

Studying in Bali comes with many activities that are not available in many other places. Snorkeling at local islands and coral reefs near the lagoon, visiting art museums. Also included are Balinese cooking classes, dance lessons, stone and wood carving, and a Gamelan orchestra workshop.

Students can stay in comfortable hotels and enjoy group flight fares. More information is available at website.

The deadline for this study abroad opportunity is April 23. The trip is a 2-month adventure, leaving the US on September 8 and returning home on November 9.


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