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from SeptemberIncrease in number of trips Bulgarians The extent of the epidemic and the number due to it are double digits compared to a year ago, when restrictions were in place. Data from the National Statistical Institute shows that the total number of trips was 643.7 thousand, which is 11.1% more than those registered. September 2021. More days of holidays, holidays are gathered around – September 6 and 22 – also contribute to this.

Most trips in the month to Turkey – 169 thousand, Greece – 163.4 thousand, Germany – 52.1 thousand, Serbia – 48.5 thousand, Romania – 48.1 thousand, North Macedonia – 24.3 thousand, Italy – 19.7 thousand., Austria – 16.1 thousand, United Kingdom – 14.8 thousand, Czech Republic – 12.

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The relative share of the total number of Bulgarian citizens abroad is the largest September 2022 made up of trips made for leisure and vacation – 42.3%.

Foreigner visits to Bulgaria totaled 1,112 million, or 44% more September 2021. An increase has been recorded in all monitored targets. Transit crossings in the country accounted for 35.9% (399.2 thousand) of all visits.

Total number of foreigners visiting Bulgaria September 2022, the share of citizens from the European Union will reach 49.2% and 547 thousand. The number of visits by citizens from Romania is the largest – 32.2%, which has been the group of foreign tourists for many years. Despite a big drop this summer in guests from Germany, their visits are in second place in terms of share – 16.3% of the total, in the next positions. Greece – 14.3%

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Visits by non-EU citizens were 445.6 thousand or 40.1%, the most from Turkey – 186.3 thousand or 41.8% of visits in this group. The largest number of foreign visitors came from Turkey – a total of 186.3 thousand, guests from Romania – 175.9 thousand, Ukraine – 98 thousand, Germany – 89.2 thousand, Greece – 78.4 thousand, Poland – 67.7 thousand. , Serbia – 60.8 thousand, United Kingdom – 47.6 thousand, North Macedonia – 37 thousand, Czech Republic – 22 thousand.

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in September 2022, the share of visits with other purposes prevails – 47.4%, followed by visits for leisure and pleasure – 40.4% and with business purpose – 12.2%.

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