Tourism villages: Nagaland’s Khonoma finds mention in list

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) recently announced the list of ‘Best Tourist Villages’ in the world. Incidentally, Nagaland’s Khonoma finds mention in an additional list of villages as part of the ‘upgrade programme’, which, according to the agency, will benefit those who ‘do not fully meet the criteria for recognition’. Here are some names from the upgrade program list.

Fontainebleau, Cape Verde

Fontainehas village and terraced fields on Santo Antao Island, Cape Verde, Africa

Fontainebleau is a quaint village in the north of the island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde. It is located near the island’s rocky north coast, 2 km southwest of Ponta do Sol and 19 km north of the island’s capital, Porto Novo. The settlement includes the small villages of Corvo and Farmingwinhaus, about 1 km west of Fontainehaus. The picturesque village consists of colorful houses perched on the edge of a steep cliff hundreds of meters deep. Fontainebleau is surrounded by green mountains and has a great sea view.

Krupa na Vrbasu, Bosnia-Herzegovina

High-angle shot of the Church of St. Ilija in Krupa na Vrabasu. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Krupa na Vrbasu (Krupa on the Vrbas) is a small town 25 km south of Banja Luka in Bosanska Krajina, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Krupa lies in a valley between the Vrbas river valleys. Krupa is also a small river which joins the Vrbas in the valley. Kripa spread along Kripa and the main road Jazse-Banja Luka. The place is famous for ‘Kripa Jalapadam’, the waterfalls in the town. Indeed, the crystal clear waters between the traditional watermill provide a picturesque sight.

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Anitli, Turkey

Anitli (formerly Kaledran or Kaliteran) is a village in Anamur District, Mersin Province, Turkey. It is an important tourist attraction for the prayers, evening prayers and morning masses held every fortnight at the Church of the Virgin Mary. Christmas and Easter holidays are other major attractions for tourists. Apart from faith tourism, visitors also enjoy culture, arts, gastronomy events and festivals organized regularly in the region. Some examples are SineMardin (International Film Festival), Midyat International Culture and Arts Festival, Harire Grape Feast, Mardin International Children and Youth Festival and Mardin Biennial.

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Barichara, Colombia

Barichara is a town and municipality in the department of Santander in northeastern Colombia. In 2010, Barichara was declared a Colombian Pueblo Patrimonio (Heritage Town) in recognition of its history, architecture and tourism potential. It is one of 11 municipalities across the country selected as part of the Red Turistica de Pueblos Patrimonio Original Cohort. The town’s unique, colorful architecture was the inspiration for the setting in the 2021 hit Disney animated feature Encanto.

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Khonoma, India

Terrace rice found in Khonoma Village, Nagaland, India, Asia

Khonoma is an Angami Naga village located 20 km west of Kohima, the state capital of Nagaland. The village is called Khuno-ra (named after the Angami word for the local plant, Glauthera fragrantissima). The total population of the village is around 1943, settled in 424 households. It is touted as ‘India’s first green village’. The terrain of the village is hilly, ranging from gentle slopes to steep and rugged hills. The hills are covered with lush forest, rich in variety of flora and fauna.

Kalopanagiotis, Cyprus

Neighborhood with traditional house in Kalopanagiotis village in autumn in Cyprus

Kalopanagiotis is located in the Troodos mountain range in the Marathasa Valley region of the Lefkosia (Nicosia) district of Cyprus. Kalopanagiotis is one of the most beautiful resorts on the island with its sulfur springs, traditional architecture and panoramic valley views, and is ideal for agrotourism due to its peaceful surroundings. Agios Ioannis Lampadistis Monastery in Kalopanagiotis is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and contains three Byzantine churches with well-preserved frescoes from the 9th and 15th centuries.

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Neot Semadar, Israel

Neot Smadar is a kibbutz (intentional community traditionally based on agriculture) in southern Israel. Located in the southern Negev, 70 kilometers north of Eilat, the kibbutz was founded in 1989 on the grounds of an abandoned kibbutz, Shizafon. Neot Smadar is an organic community consisting of architecturally unique buildings with passive cooling towers. The art center located on the kibbutz has 14 workshops for stained glass, ceramics, textiles, wood and metals. The building is insulated with mud bricks, with ‘air conditioning’ supplied by a desert cooling tower.


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