Tourism Oscar Award goes to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

The Tourism Oscar Award went to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
The Tourism Oscar Award went to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been awarded in the international arena for supporting tourism activities by preserving Izmir’s historical and cultural values. The International Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers has presented the 2022 Golden Apple Award, considered the Oscars of the tourism world, to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for its contribution to the field of tourism.

The International Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers (FIJET) awarded the “Golden Apple Award” known as the “World Tourism Oscar” to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which supports tourism activities by preserving the historical and cultural values ​​of the city. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyerr received the award from World Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers President Tijani Haddad.

“great pride”

Speaking at the event held at the historic Coal Gas Factory, President Tunsoyer said it was a great honor and pleasure. Expressing that each award actually increases the responsibility on the recipient’s shoulders, President Tunç Soyer said, “Especially if this award is given by one of the most respected organizations in the world… But there is a way to reduce this burden, this responsibility. Working with industry leaders. Bringing their guidance to the city,” he said.

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“We will introduce İzmir to the world more”

Soyer addressed the attendees at the event and said, “I ask you, who is from the tourism industry. Do not leave us alone in bringing to light the extraordinary capabilities of Izmir, bringing to light the extraordinary beauty of Izmir and making it more recognizable by humanity. Know that if you lead us, we will run after you. And we will further promote this beautiful jewel of Izmir to the whole world together,” he said.

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Five of the 70 awards go to Turkey

Turkey’s Tourism Writers and Journalists Association (Aturzet) President Delal Atumdede said that 70 awards have been given so far, and it is a great honor to give five of them to Turkey. While presenting the golden apple to the beautiful people of beautiful Izmir, I wish them to experience beauty and success in tourism in the coming days. While doing this, our mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. We saw Tunç Soyer’s mission, vision, values ​​and culture in the process of introduction. I appreciate him and his team. “

Praise for Soyer from the President of the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation

The president of the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation, Tony Zahra, said, “Now is the time for Izmir” and said: “I have met very successful people here. You have a visionary mayor. About one million tourists visit this place. The tourist stay is one and a half nights. Increasing it to three and a half nights. Very important for the economy.

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“Tourism is much more than an economic factor”

Tijani Haddad, President of the World Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers, said that tourism is a very strong component of the economy of many tourist destinations in the world and contributes to 10 percent of global income and provides employment opportunities. More than 10 percent of the world’s population. Tourism is much more than an economic factor. It is a cultural message to strengthen friendship and solidarity among people. It should be a factor in the preservation of international cultural heritage and its better transfer to future generations.


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