Tourism in Italy Almost Reached Pre-pandemic Levels in 2022

The tourism industry in Italy last year almost reached pre-pandemic levels in terms of air traffic and tourism figures compared to 2021. reports that a recent report by the National Travel Association came to this conclusion.

“In 2022, the Italian tourism market returned to its pre-pandemic value and almost doubled the number of foreign tourists compared to 2021, which determined to a certain extent all segments of the tourism industry: from travel agencies to tour operators, but these sectors. “There is an increase in demand above all related to tourism travel and the recovery of air and rail traffic.” noted in the statement.

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According to the report, Italy is among the European countries that have suffered minor damage, despite the current situation caused by the spread of the coronavirus and its new variants, as well as Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

The trade association identified transport as an integral part of the tourism industry and airports as one of the major challenges facing the connected and fast-moving future.

Italy’s tourism industry has been hit hard by precautionary measures such as travel bans and other restrictions to limit the spread of the coronavirus and its new variants, which have taken a heavy toll on the country’s economy.

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Italy is among the latest European countries to lift all such measures to help it recover from the crisis caused by the coronavirus and its new variants, with the tourism sector among the hardest hit.

Italy’s tourism industry has improved significantly over the past year, but it still faces major challenges.

According to data released by the Italian Statistical Office, the number of overnight stays between January and August of last year compared to 2021 increased by a total of 74.1 percent.

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In this regard, Luciano Serra, vice president of Confturismo-Confcommercio, believes that the tourism industry in Italy is still unclear, and according to him, since 2012, what business and tourism profession is not defined at the national level.

Last year, the majority of international visitors to Italy were citizens of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, and Denmark, accounting for 75 percent of all foreign tourists.


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