Top Tips For Your Travel Carry-On Bag This Holiday Season

With the busy New Year’s travel season approaching, what items should every traveler take with them to have a safe, healthy and happy journey? Keep these things in your Samsonite to take away the “hassle” of travel and make your trip more comfortable. I’ve been a professional travel writer for over 30 years, and these are some of the best travel tactics I swear by.

Travel pillow and satin pillowcase. Bring a travel pillow for the train or plane and cover it with a satin pillowcase, which causes fewer wrinkles than cotton covers. When you arrive at your hotel, wrap your room pillow in your satin cover for a more luxurious and sybaritic sleep. Make sure you travel with an eye mask so you can sleep even when it’s sunny and bright.

Sunsweet 20 calorie prunes. Whenever you need a snack, reward yourself with a few Sunsweet Cherry-Essence Prune. You’ll feel like you’re eating high-calorie dried cherries for 100 calories, but they’re packed with potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. They have saved my life many times when I went hungry on the road. Chocolate-covered Sunsweet plum desserts are especially delicious when you just need to eat chocolate! They are definitely the best “Grape Grapes” you will ever eat.

Actually, make your suitcase a snack. Always bring your breakfast – cereal, powdered milk and raisins. Add water and you have instant breakfast. Another great idea? Travel with nonfat powdered peanut butter. Just add water and you have a great mini meal without feeling guilty. It’s called PB2, and two tablespoons contain just 53.2 calories and just 1.87 grams of fat. The chocolate peanut butter flavor is almost—almost—like Nutella. There is also powdered oil-free almond and cashew powder that will appeal to your taste buds. Travel expert Samantha Brown once told me that she always travels with a simple jar of peanut butter and uses her finger as a spoon when needed.

Filled RX for antibiotics. Ask your doctor when you get home for an antibiotic prescription that you can fill before you leave. That way, if you get a severe infection on the way, you don’t have to call a medical doctor and pay out-of-pocket. But only take it when absolutely necessary.

Serious moisturizer for your face. Whether you’re on a train, plane, bus or cruise ship, the air can be drying to your skin. Personally, I carry the collagen-boosting TreCeuticals doctor-formulated skincare line. TreCeuticals skin care uses highly concentrated retinol, hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides, plus full-spectrum CBD, to calm and soothe your skin before, during, and after air-drying air. If you’re flying, get these in travel-size containers of three ounces or less. Hollywood actor John O’Hurley – travel enthusiast “J. Peterman” old seinfeld TV show – he recently told me he never travels without his TreCeuticals. And it always looks so good!

Photocopy of your passport (with the original) Put the real deal in your hotel safe and carry a photocopy of your passport in your hand luggage and also scan it into your smartphone.

Boiron Oscillococcinum to relieve flu-like symptoms. I buy Oscillo in bulk, especially in France where it is produced, and it is a very popular over-the-counter product. This homeopathic remedy helps reduce the duration and severity of flu symptoms and is an industry secret found on many Hollywood production sets.

Emergen-C or E-boost. Emergen-C is loved by celebrities including Kristen Bell and Liv Tyler. These potent packs pack a vitamin C punch when travel wears you out. Super Powder from Eboost is an all-in-one small package that lives up to its name, providing energy, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and mood support. Experience natural daily wellness at home or on the go with this transformative formula that offers true staying power like no other. Made with my favorite no-calorie sweetener, Stevia and monkfruit. Just add water and you’re really ready.

Sweet scents to make the plane feel like the Ritz. Herban Essentials makes essential oil towels in delicious flavors like lavender, lemon, and orange that you can use to wipe surfaces (especially on airplanes). I also love Agraria potpourri – pour some of the Bitter Orange mix into a ziplock bag and inhale to remove the nasty smell of jet fumes. At your destination, spread the Agraria on a towel or plate so the air absorbs the wonderful aroma and makes your surroundings succulent.

And what’s more, you will turn your hotel room into a paradise. Safe travels to all!


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