TikToker Reveals Male DoorDasher’s Epic Nachos Shopping Fail

Joining the ranks of many delivery customers who claim men can’t do their job properly, a TikToker has gone viral after documenting how a male DoorDash shopkeeper failed to provide chips, cheese and ground turkey he asked to make nachos.

DoorDash customer Sonja Norwood, a Houston-based creator, shared her experience on the @wickdconfections TikTok account run by Houston-based creator Sonja Norwood, which garnered more than 45,000 views in the first 24 hours on the platform. In the clip, Norwood pits John, a male DoorDasher, against a greenscreen of her DoorDash grocery order, showing three key nacho ingredients among the four returned items in her cart.

Norwood explained to the Daily Dot in a phone interview that she was visiting her sister in Upper Marlboro, Md., when her Southwest Airlines flight was canceled and her visit was delayed. So, on Tuesday, without a car and desperate for nachos, she pulled up the doordash “out of necessity” and sent a shopper to the local Safeway in search of ingredients.

“I was annoyed because you could see the vision,” Norwood said of her nacho-centric grocery order. “You can see what I’m trying to do. It is very clear. “

“He left out all the main ingredients,” she added. “What should I do?”

Recalling a recent TikTok where a creator incorporated a fake crying sound titled “When You Find Out Your Doordasher Is a Guy,” she immediately went to work creating a video detailing her experience.

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“I’m disgusting,” her soliloquy begins in the clip. “I am absolutely disgusted. Now, I see why women don’t like male door dashers.

She explains, “Because … I’m trying to make nachos. Look at this,” with the video background changed to more clearly show the four rejected items.

@wickdconfections #greenscreen so why did John make me do that? You can clearly see what I’m trying to do John! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I am shocked and appalled. What do I do with sour cream and Rotel? Have you tried John too? #ReasonForBooking #CODSquadUp #nachos #doordashdriver #maledoordasher #baddoordasher #men ♬ Original Sound – Wicked Confections

“John’s ass did everything except the shit I needed to make nachos,” she marveled. “You’re counting your motherfucking days, John! You make them count! ”

She lists his failings and says, “No ground turkey. No Velveeta. No Tostitos. A can of Rotel and some sour cream. What am I going to do with it, John?

Also on the returned list was an eight-ounce bag of Betty Crocker Mickey & Friends Fruit Gummies, which were probably not on the nachos’ ingredient list, but were left unattended by John on a dutiful shopping trip.

“Count your motherfuckin’ days,” she concluded.

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Commenters weighed in supportively, with one “lady shopper giving you 17 options for ground turkey and never leaving out a tortilla chip of some kind!”

Several other commenters were surprised that the shopper couldn’t find a chip replacement among the other options.

It’s not just a doordash. Several other commenters have described their frustrations with past Instacart orders. One recalled, “I got a guy with an Instacart and asked for sugar-free Gatorade when I was sick.”

She revealed that the shopkeeper had produced a “full-sugar Powerade” without asking for alternatives, prompting the TikToker to respond, “They don’t care”.

According to a DoorDash customer service article, “What happens if the item I requested is not in store?” Responding to the question in a Q&A format. Question, the company said “We will do our best to deliver all the goods you have requested. If we cannot find an item or the store is out of stock, you will receive a refund for any missing items.

Another article on the DoorDash site states, “Customers have the option to add an alternate preference when ordering. If an item is unavailable, you can contact DoorDash support for assistance.

But commentators believe Dasher didn’t try hard enough.

“They know damn well they’ve got it, but bet he can’t see it,” observed one.

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That prompted the TikToker to reply, “He knows they have it! These are not rare or luxury items! ”

While no one came to the defense of male doordashers in the initial round of comments, one commenter proposed that her boyfriend does doordash on the side and she “coaches” him and knows “what to replace him with.”

Norwood cheered, “We congratulate you! You are doing the Lord’s work!”

And, thanks to her sister’s car arriving shortly after the order, Norwood was able to go out and gather the ingredients to satisfy her nachos craving.


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*First published: December 28, 2022, 12:19 pm CST

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