Three Casinos You Should Visit When You Travel To Liverpool – Click Liverpool

Liverpool City is a popular metropolitan area in Merseyside, England with a population of almost 500,000. It’s the 10th most populous English neighborhood. It’s not just known for its population; The city is the fifth most visited in the United Kingdom as people all over the world seem to love the region’s culture and architecture.

Liverpool City is home to the Beatles, a legendary band in the music industry. It is home to many well-known artists, musicians, actors and actresses, journalists, poets and many more. It is also home to art galleries, listed buildings, listed parks and national museums. Apart from all these, the city of Liverpool is also home to several casinos, both online and offline.

There are countless things to do in the city and if you are a professional player intending to tour the UK then Liverpool is a great place to start. In this article we are going to list some of the best casinos that you can trust for an incredible gaming experience when visiting the city of Merseyside, England.

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Grosvenors Casino

The Grosvenor Casino is one of the most popular gambling establishments you can find in Liverpool as it is located in one of the area’s famous docks. Known as the Leo Casino, it is a major attraction for both residents and tourists alike as it has a lot to offer besides gambling.

For players who love the game, Grosvenor Casino has modern gaming tables for its customers as well as classic slot machines. If you love UK online casinos, you will fall in love with the slots games offered at Grosvenor. Aside from slots, Leo Casino also offers blackjack, poker, punto blanco and other casino related games that you as a player can trust.

If you don’t like to gamble or have enough for the day, Leo Casino manages an a la carte restaurant where you can just grab some drinks and food. It also has cocktail bars where you can have a few drinks with your friends. Grosvenor Casino is a great place for gamblers and tourists who just want somewhere to relax.

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Genting Casino

Genting Casino is another popular gambling establishment in Liverpool. Despite being open in two different locations, Genting’s Queen Square has been highly regarded as the best of the duo. With Genting Casino you can enjoy various casino games, from slot machines to poker and other card games.

Poker tournaments are held at Genting Casino with a variety of electronic roulettes to ensure players are enjoying themselves at the facility. If you need a break from the gambling life, the establishment also manages an on-site restaurant and two bars.

Apart from all that, you can enjoy stand-up comedy and live music at the facility. Before visiting the casino, be sure to check the website to see if there are any special events planned after you arrive in town.

Mecca bingo

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Located near Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Mecca Bingo is a popular casino to visit during your stay in Liverpool. The Mecca Bingo building, which is over twenty years old, is a source of attraction for tourists around the world as it has that old luxurious feel while offering state of the art facilities.

Mecca Bingo is all about that bingo and you can play it 12 hours a day, 7 days a week if you like. Apart from that, you can also enjoy slots and table games. If you are not interested in gambling, you can help yourself to the restaurant managed by the establishment.


While there are many other casinos in Liverpool, the three listed above are the most popular gambling locations in the region. They are also the best place to play your favorite casino games and eat your favorite cuisine. You can also watch sporting events in these facilities and the atmosphere is always fantastic.


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