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Could you quickly pack your bags and travel to an unknown destination within hours? Could it be your first time arriving at an international airport in another country and having absolutely no idea what to do or where to go? It could boost your happiness, according to a new study published by Skyscanner.

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Traveling without a plan can sound like a nightmare for travelers who want to know where they are going, where exactly they are staying, always have a list of places to visit and tight schedules. But a new survey conducted in the UK showed that 62% of travelers consider themselves spontaneous.

According to apparent data, the pandemic has held back many spontaneous travelers, and is doing so now 61% of respondents said they want to be more spontaneous after lockdown. And recent purchases analyzed by Skyscanner confirm this: “Bookings made 7 to 29 days before departure are up 12% from pre-pandemic times” and bookings made 1 week before departure are up since 2019 increased by 14%.

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While this may sound crazy to organized travelers, there is an interesting psychological analysis behind this study and there are proven benefits and benefits of this travel experience.

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The advantages of spontaneous travel

The idea of ​​packing to visit a place you have little information about sounds stressful. However, it could be a great path to happiness, and emotionally it could have a very positive impact on adventurers.

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Psychologist Emma Kenny said in the press release: “Although it may seem daunting to simply pack a bag and board a plane to reach an unknown destination, you will benefit psychologically as it creates a ‘can do’ attitude and reminds you of the limitless possibilities who are out there . And because you don’t have a clear agenda or plans, every step you take will bring a sense of adventure that’s really liberating.”

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Even though Google recently introduced cool features for travelers that provide a lot of information for their next travel destination, there is a lot of stress involved in planning and making decisions. Kenny explained more: “A common stress factor is making decisions when planning a vacation. That’s why it can be so liberating to forego the systematic organization that so often accompanies a planned vacation and instead choose to take an impromptu break.”

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Skyscanner also assured that there are financial benefits. The company assured that flexibility is key to getting the best prices and that travelers using their app’s “Everywhere” feature in Europe could get tickets for the weekend for around $19.

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The travel company has also announced that according to its own information Bookings made 2 weeks in advance can be 44% cheaper than bookings made 12 weeks in advance.

This is how you “plan” an “unplanned” trip

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It sounds contradictory, but there are actually a few strategies that can help travelers be more spontaneous, get a boost in happiness, and even save money for their next life-changing vacation.

Skyscanner shared a few tips:

  • Use the “Everywhere” function: Let the software suggest ideas on where to go for cheap and visit unexpected destinations.
  • Be flexible with the dates: Holidays and high season are usually expensive; If you open your search for flexible dates, the app can find better options for you.
  • Combine airlines: If you don’t limit your travel to just one airline or specific airports, you might find more options and better prices by shuffling.
  • Get a spontaneous friend: Planning impromptu trips alone can be more difficult, and it’s a lot easier when a friend is willing to join you on your exciting adventure.
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Airfares have skyrocketed this year, but there are still ways to book cheap flights and visit unexpected destinations. A few days ago, Expedia also shared a few booking hacks that might be worth checking out. Ready for your next spontaneous trip?

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