This Paris Airport Has Cheaper Flights But It Will Have You Landing Nearly 50 Miles Out Of The City

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fly cheap not always the bestand it might not be that big of a deal. This is especially true for Paris, the capital of France and one of the top four destinations in Europe, a major international hub served by three airports, one of which offers the lowest possible fares but with landing passengers. about 50 miles outside of town.

There Are Cheaper Flights At This Paris Airport, But It Will Cause You To Land About 50 Miles Out Of The City

Since France fully reopened, mask requirements were lifted, and US tourists were allowed in without vaccine requirements or tests, travel demand has soared to record highs. Millions of Americans have flocked to the country to catch a glimpse of the shimmering Eiffel Tower at midnight, but as some may have learned, it’s best to avoid an airport in particular.

Especially if you are in a hurry to get to the center of Paris or taking a short break and really I want to reduce costs:

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Young Blonde Woman Wearing Red Summer Blouse And Straw Hat Smiling While Taking Selfie With Eiffel Tower In Paris, France, Europe

There are three airports serving Paris:

  • Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
  • Orly (ORI)
  • Beauvais (BVA)

If the first stop on your European trip is Paris and you are flying directly from the USA or Canada, you will land at Charles de Gaulle (CDG), France’s busiest and best equipped airport. Getting from CDG to the center or anywhere in Paris is quite simple: several metro connectionspublic buses and private transfer options.

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Exterior View of Terminal 2 Building at Beauvais Airport in Beauvais-Tille, Outside Paris, France

Orly (ORY), the second most important entry point to France, is well connected with train connections and services to Paris. Due to their relative proximity to Paris and full-service airlines based here, flights departing from these hubs can cost significantly more. Sometimes hundreds of euros plus.

There is a third, much more affordable option: Beauvais (BVA). Paris’ third airport serves around 4 million passengers a year and is mostly used by charter and economy airlines. It is sometimes served by non-stop flights departing from dozens of European and African destinations. For as little as 10 Euros one directionIt can be between 40 and 100 euros cheaper to transport than CDG or ORY.

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Woman checking phone at airport

The only major downside to commuting to BVA? It is located approximately 50 or 77.2 miles outside of Paris. surprisingly Not even Beauvais inside municipal boundaries of Paristakes its name from the nearby town of Beauvais. As you can imagine, it’s not the easiest hub to reach or the smartest choice if you’re transferring between airports in Paris.

By comparison, CDG is just 20 miles from Paris and ORY is 8 miles shorter.

How Difficult is it to Get to Beauvais on Time for a Flight?

Back view on business travel

There are no trains departing from the airport terminal to the city and local taxis or Ubers will charge you. teardrop 170 euros 210 euros day or night just to drop you off at your hotel on the 1st day neighborhood.

However, there are numerous services operating on the BVA-Paris route. Every hour, but when you have major outages or traffic jams, you’re looking at transfer time of 1:30 at best, or up to 3 hours at worst. You read that right: getting this far will take you about two hours To hit the city center of Paris.

Sunset over the Alexander III Bridge over the Seine with the Golden Dome of Les Invalides shimmering in the background, Paris, France

In other words, if you are staying in Paris and flying from BVA, it is best advised to go to the airport between: 5 and 4 hours in advanceor up to 6 or 7 when there are roadblock warnings. After all, it’s not just the grueling journey you have to worry about: when you arrive in Beauvais, you’ll join a long line of passengers crammed into the small terminal waiting to pass through security.

During the summer months, waiting times can be extremely long, as seen in the summer of 2022, when thousands of passengers arrived at the airport early but missed their flights. As one customer shared on a TripAdvisor forum, she barely survived departures for the last boarding call due to long queues for the shuttle in Paris:

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Queue of People at the Boarding Gate at the Airport

We had an evening flight and were not so sure about the heavy tour traffic in the city.‘, he says, before conceding that arriving at the bus station 4 hours before departure is not enough time for a stress-free transfer: he just managed to get on a bus Even 2.5 hours after joining. According to the TripAdvisor member, ‘queues formed along the street’.

In summary, if you’re visiting Paris for a day or two, or just transferring between two different airports, booking a flight through BVA is mostly, a big gamble.

After all, the Cheapest Alternative Might Not Be That Cheap

Female Traveler Makes Flight Reservation From Her Phone

That’s not the only frustrating thing about Beauvais: Since it’s only used by low-cost airlines, the cheapest fare possible is often pretty deceptive. For example, when flying with Ryanair, customers have to pay extra to include a 10kg cabin bag or add carry-on luggage. This usually requires: Extra from 6 to 30 eurosper bag.

Europe’s famous ten euro airfares aren’t a myth, but with the secondary costs added, you’ll find that it’s better to book via AirFrance instead, especially as the other two airports closer to Paris have the best connections within the city. in BVA, never just a ten euro plane ticket – of course, unless you’re willing to travel with a hand tool that only fits the exact size and needs to fit under the seat.

Woman Packing Her Suitcase Before Travel

And it doesn’t end there: a shuttle ticket between BVA and Paris costs 16.90 euros one way, so if you’re in and out of the BVA, you should budget an extra 34 euros for the service. Of course, it won’t even get you that far. central Paris: Ends at Porte Maillot, a bus stop on 16th street neighborhoodIt’s a 41-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower and an additional 1 hour and 16 minutes from Paris’ historic center Ile-de-la-Cite.

Once you arrive at Porte Maillot, your options are either to take one of Paris’ overpriced taxis or take the metro – during rush hour, carrying luggage and possibly exhausted after flights and a two hour transfer time from the airport? I do not recommend.

Suburban Man Wearing Face Mask in New York Subway During Covid 19 Outbreak

Of course, there are some excellent offers to consider once in a while: Just this week, I paid around 45 euros for a round-trip flight between Paris BVA and Gdansk in Poland, and only a small piece of hand luggage was allowed. Including the service, it was still much cheaper than flying from CDG or ORY, where there is no nonstop service, and can cost up to 240 euros round trip.

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However, I did not add any storage baggage and left hours ago To make sure I get on time.

In conclusion

Tourists Walking A Street In The Latin Quarter Of Paris, France, Europe

At the end of the day, Beauvais, from time to time, it’s best to book the last night of your vacation closer to the airport to optimize time and avoid interruptions. A small hub, Beauvais has no airside accommodation for overnight stays – in fact, it doesn’t stay open overnight.

Luckily for tourists, the neighboring town (5.2 miles from the terminals) is a well-developed transit hub with an extensive list of hotels to choose from at discounted prices. If you’re planning to switch from BVA, make sure the ‘Beauvais ordeal’ is really worth the twenty euros you set aside and no hidden costs compared to competing airports in the wider Ile-de-France region.

Finally, plan your journey wisely, taking into account the remote location of the airport and possible delays.

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