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Turkey is the famous country where civilization was born in the distant past on the Anatolian Peninsula. The name takes us back to the Middle Ages with the sultanates and their magnificent palaces. West Asia is home to a transcontinental nation that is equally distinguished by its presence in Europe and Asia.

The country is a tourist delight with several diverse attractions. A country with historical monuments and architecture at every turn. The delicious kebabs and other delicious cuisines. The beautiful landscape of this amazing country is dotted with hills and mountains and vast sandy beaches stretching along the 8000 km of coastline. Turkey is home to spiritual Sufi culture and also the medieval splendor of hammams or Turkish baths. Book Turkey tour packages to explore this fascinating destination that showcases a vibrant mix of past and present.

Here’s a look at the numerous things to see and do in Turkey.

Explore the past: Tourists cannot avoid history when visiting Turkey. The site, having survived through extensive influences of the past centuries, will offer great wonders. Experience the fascinating country through Turkey tour packages on your trail through history.

  • The Blue Mosque– A masterpiece of Ottoman architecture is the Blue Mosque, officially known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul. It is a magnificent structure that showcases the brilliant architecture of the Middle Ages. This mosque built to show Ottoman greatness is really magnificent. Shaped with a central dome with four more semi-domes, the architectural balance is achieved in the form of the six minarets on its sides. Equally stunning blue tiles and stained glass windows make up the interior. A guided tour of this mosque can be booked with the Turkey tour packages from India. They guide visitors through the many stories behind the construction of this mosque.
  • The Hagia Sophia– Another great structure in Istanbul is the Hagia Sophia. Once upon a time there was a Greek Orthodox Church which was later converted into a mosque by the Ottomans in the Middle Ages. The structure testifies to Byzantine and Ottoman time travel under a single dome. Turkey tour packages make sure to cover this iconic structure. The mosque has its past to tell. When it was converted into a mosque, several frescoes and mosaics of Christian influences were plastered over it. Hagia Sophia was again turned into a museum by the Republic of Turkey in the 20th century. Now a mosque again, this architectural marvel is a must-see in Turkey.
  • topkapi palace– The official residence and administrative center of the Ottoman Sultans was the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. This palace overlooking the Bosphorus holds many stories about its residents, the sultans, the harem concubines, the guards and everyone who ventured here. Move through the arena of the first and middle gates. It goes through the courtyard of the parade, followed by the residential sector. On one side of this area is the imperial kitchen and on the other side are the units where the imperial council met. The harem and its pavilions are worth visiting in this palace. It requires a separate ticket. Visit the museum at Topkapi Palace just to be awed by the jewels that adorned royalty. The splendid life of the Ottomans can be seen in this palace.
  • Troy– The archaeological site of Troy is best known for the Trojan War as described in the classic Homers Iliad. Located in northwestern Turkey in Canakkale, this place is worth a visit for history buffs. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, well worth the investment of time. These tours are on the itinerary of the Travel packages Turkey.
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Tours Turkey

On a cultural journey through Turkey The land of sultans, Turkey is famous for its cultural aspects. A tour is incomplete without seeing the Sufi spiritual dance of the dervishes. Experience the Mevlevi Sema ceremony at Hodjapasha in Istanbul. Their circular movements make you marvel at the trance-like state they are in. This one-hour live show comes along Travel packages Turkey showing the Sufi rituals rooted in the spiritual nature of this place.

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shopping spree– Don’t miss the Grand Bazar Tour in Turkey. Many a profession comes to life in one of Istanbul’s oldest covered markets. Bargain as best you can as you shop for Ottoman-style jewellery, hand-woven textiles and Turkish carpets from all over Turkey in this massive market with over 4000 shops.

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Magical activities– A trip to Tukey has to include a few activities that make any traveler happy. Some of them are undoubtedly the walk on the cross bridge from Asia to Europe across the Bosphorus. There are also other activities listed below.

Hot Air Balloon – Ride a hot air balloon for an aerial view of the rock towers and pillars of Cappadocia in Nevsehir Province in central Anatolia. The landscape is unique with the numerous cone-shaped eroded rock structures formed by the geological process. They are also called fair fireplaces. The hot air balloon rides take place in the early morning and you can see the sunrise on the horizon as you soar high in the air. Get the best of the panoramic views from this pinnacle of the stunning scenery below.

Bosphorus Cruise – An exciting activity would be the Bosphorus Sunset Cruise which has been booked Travel packages Turkey. The cruise is relaxing with views of the Dolambache Palace, Rumeli Fortress and Ortaköy Mosque on the riverbank. The illuminated structures at dusk are a spectacular sight. Immerse yourself in this transcontinental cruise and preserve your memories.

A final note

Turkey is a great travel destination. Mainly for its history, architecture, landscape and amazing people. Istanbul and Ankara are not the only places to visit. There is still more to discover and see. You will definitely visit this amazing place again and discover more.

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