These Popular Destinations Will Charge An Unexpected Fee For Tourists In 2023

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Tourist taxes are common in many countries around the world.

You may not have noticed them before—sometimes these taxes are small enough to go unnoticed, or hidden in your airfare or hotel bill—but they can add extra costs to your trip.

Woman in Zaragoza, Spain

Here are some of the countries adding new tourism taxes in 2023, along with popular destinations that already have tourist taxes:


Several Spanish cities have increased their tourist tax in 2023, including Barcelona and Valencia.

Park Guell in Barcelona, ​​Spain

in barcelona Tourists staying in accommodation such as hotels or short-term rentals will have to pay between €1.75 and €4 per night. Tourists entering by cruise ship will have to pay 5.75 euros.

in Valencia, Tourists have to pay between €0.50 and €2 per night for accommodation such as hotels and short-term rentals.

These fee increases will take effect in late 2023and will be used to finance infrastructure development, construction of low-cost housing for local people in high-tourism areas, and investments in the tourism sector.

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Aerial view of Valencia, Spain


Thailand is also expected to introduce a tourist tax in 2023. Tourists pay 300 baht or 9 US dollars. must pay dollars.

All foreigners entering Thailand are required to pay this entry fee.

The purpose of this tourist tax is to provide insurance for foreigners in Thailand in case of medical emergencies and to direct the maintenance and development of tourist attractions throughout the country.

Thai beach with boats in the water


Although it’s been rumored for years, 2023 looks like the year Venice, Italy will finally introduce a tourist tax for tourists.

Venice has been struggling with the effects of over-tourism, and this new fee aims to compensate for that. With a population of just 55,000, this small town receives more than 20 million visitors a year, most of them tourists and day-trippers who don’t even spend the night in town.

VENICE / ITALY - JULY 18, 2013: Silhouette of celebrities cruise ship and tourists in traditional Gondola on Grand Canal.  Giant cruise ships sailing past St. Mark's Square have become a major source of tension between locals and tourists.

The new tourist tax will range from €3 to €10 depending on the day, and will only apply to day-trippers.

However, guests staying overnight in Venice are required to pay a tax of between €1 and €5 per night for the first five nights of their stay at any hotel in the city.

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The new day tourism tax was supposed to be implemented in January 2023, but has been delayed until later this year.

View of Rialto Bridge and Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

European Union

The EU is expected to introduce a new tourist tax at the end of 2023, which will apply to all non-EU citizens, including the US, Canada and the UK.

The fee is 7 euros and applies to all travelers except those under 18 and over 70.

It is expected to be implemented from November 2023.

A female passenger holding an EU flag as the train approaches the station, location unknown

Other countries with tourist tax

There is already a tourist tax in these popular places.

Belgium: This European country charges a tourist tax of 3.75 euros per night in hotels and short-term rentals.

Bhutan: The landlocked Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas has some of the highest taxes in the world. Foreigners must pay $250 per day, but this includes accommodation, food and a local guide.

Croatia: In Croatia, tourists have to pay a small fee (about €1) every night during the summer season.

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A young female tourist looks at a medieval castle in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on the Adriatic coast

France: In France, a “taxe de séjour” of between €0.20 and €4 is charged to your hotel bill every night.

Greece: Greece also has a hotel tax of €4 per night depending on the star rating of the hotel you are staying at.

Indonesia: Indonesia does not have a tourist tax, but Bali does charge around $10.

A temple in Bali is surrounded by sun, water and clouds

Japan: All tourists in Japan must pay a tourist tax of ¥1,000 upon departure, which is roughly $7.50. equivalent to dollars.

New Zealand: Most visitors to New Zealand have to pay a tax called the International Tourist Protection and Tourism Tax, which is about 35 NZD (about $22), which makes the tourist tax special.

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