These Magnificent Waterfalls In France Will Take Your Breath Away

Looking for some of the most magnificent French waterfalls? Look no further. France is a world-famous destination recognized for its beautiful cities and beautiful cultural attractions. Filled with some of the world’s most impressive natural wonders, French waterfalls are among the country’s most spectacular sights that shouldn’t be missed on your bucket list. From the most visited to some of the most hidden gems, these magnificent waterfalls in France will take your breath away.

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10 Cascade De Sillans, Provence

Measuring 138 feet tall, the Cascade de Sillans is one of the most magnificent in France that must take your breath away. It’s a perfect option for tourists who aren’t too keen on outdoor activities, thanks to its location inland on the world-famous Cote D’Azure, making it one of the most accessible waterfalls in Provence. The beautiful waterfall pours into a magnificent blue pool. When exploring this waterfall, travelers should take the time and visit the village of Sillans-la-Cascade, located not far away.

  • The best time to visit:

9 Cascade Du Rouget, Sixt-Fer-A-Cheval

Nicknamed the ‘Queen of the Alps’, the Cascade du Rouget is 90 meters high and is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the French Alps. The waterfall was ranked the most impressive in the country in 2009. Cascade du Rouget is located along the road and accessible from the charming village of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval. Winter is the time to experience it at its most stunning. The stream is magical, with its roaring torrents growing from the melting snow. While travelers can only access the waterfall for food during the winter season, it is certainly the most beautiful time to explore.

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8 Great Cascade De Gavarnie

The Grande Cascade De Gavarnie is the highest waterfall in the country and one of the largest in Europe. With a single drop of 281 meters and 440 meters in height, this waterfall is incredibly stunning and well worth a visit. Nestled in the Pyrenees National Park, the Grande Cascade de Gavarnie sometimes evaporates before falling. Surrounded by lush valleys, beautiful peaks covered in winter snow and rocky landscapes, this French natural wonder is a must-see.

  • Best time to visit:
    May to October

7 Cascade D’Ars, Occitania

Surrounded by thriving vegetation and incredibly rich wildlife, Cascade D’Ars is without a doubt one of the most spectacular waterfalls in France. At 246 meters high, this is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the country and is accompanied by thunderous force. The hiking trail towards the waterfall is very impressive and easy even for children. The surroundings are extremely scenic, offering tourists several photographic opportunities.

  • Best time to visit:
    Summer; early mornings and late afternoons for the most epic photos

6 De La Druise Kick

Surrounded by dramatic cliffs, Chute de la Druise is located just a few minutes’ walk from the Plan de Baix and is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the country. The hiking route is a little challenging, but not all of it. Tourists should definitely bring some comfortable shoes for the hike. Standing at 236 feet tall, this waterfall is certainly mighty and worth considering in search of France’s most beautiful natural wonders. Travelers can visit this waterfall at any time of year and still experience its beauty, but it is most powerful in the rainiest months.

  • Best time to visit:
    the rainy months

5 Cascade Des Tufs

Sometimes called Cascade Baume Les Messieurs, the Cascade des Tufs is situated in Jura, France and is among the most spectacular waterfalls in the country. The area is one of the most family-friendly places travelers can explore with children. The waterfall is very impressive, and there is nothing more fun than watching the water of the Dard River run over rocks covered in moss, producing an incredible form of magnificent colors. It’s really breathtaking; it is not for nothing that it is nicknamed one of the most beautiful waterfalls in France.

  • Best time to visit:
    Any time of year is a good time to explore this waterfall. Visit in autumn to see the spectacular foliage, in winter to experience when it is at its most powerful, in spring when the surroundings are greenest, and in summer for the clearest moss view.

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4 Cascade Du Sautadet, Occitania

Its height of 16 feet makes it look unimpressive, but the spectacular surroundings are beautiful, comprising an incredibly unique rock formation. Named after the Greek god of the underworld, the Cascade du Sautadet is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in France. There are so many things to do around, from swimming in the Rio Ceze to diving and hiking. Travelers planning to swim should continue to check the water conditions as the currents can be strong at times.

  • Best time to visit:

3 Cascades du Herisson, Jura

Located in the heart of Jura, the Cascades du Herisson (Waterfalls of the Hedgehog) are a mixture of different beautiful waterfalls accessible by many kilometers of walk. It is also essential to have a car to reach the stunning falls, which are beautifully positioned in a dip of lush vegetation surrounded by water, fully forming their striking forms. There are seven waterfalls in Ouriço, each offering unique experiences. Summers have the place overcrowded so they are most visited during the off season or early in the morning in summer.

  • Best time to visit:

two Cascade Du Lutour, Occitania

Sometimes called the Cascade de Cauterets, this is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in France, and it’s not hard to see why. The natural wonder stands at 459 feet high and drops into the Gave de Lutour River, one of the clearest rivers in the region. It lies close to the charming village of Cauterets, which has caught the attention of many tourists for its scenic nature. Being a popular area, it gets quite crowded in the summer, making late spring the most impressive time to explore.

  • Best to visit:
    Summer and late spring, when the snow melted.

1 Cascade De Gimel, Correze

Located a few kilometers from Tulle, the Cascade de Gimel is known for its wild nature, made up of lush vegetation and unparalleled beauty. The Cascade de Gimel actually consists of three beautiful waterfalls, each with unique characteristics. Grande Salto is 45 meters away, Redole is 38 meters away, and Cavalinha is 60 meters away. Cavalinha is the most thunderous, but all these waterfalls are magnificent and worth exploring.

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