The White Lotus season 2 episode 2 recap: Italian Dream

Season 2 Episode 2 of the HBO series White lotusAs newlyweds Tanya and Greg envision the perfect day in Sicily, and Harper pokes fun at the perfect marriage of her new friends Cameron and Daphne, American guests at a five-star resort begin trying to live their dream vacation in earnest.

Ethan wakes up early to run while his wife Harper is still asleep. Meanwhile, Dominic DiGrasso ends up in bed alone after fornicating with Lucia, a pretty local prostitute.

Lucia and Ethan greeted each other briefly on the porch steps before Ethan ran into the empty, beautiful pre-dawn streets of Palermo.

White Lotus Season 2 Recap: Greg is weird

Back at the hotel, the staff is getting ready for the day as the other couples wake up. Valentina surveys her kingdom as she leaves her office and heads to the reception.

He tidies up his wandering staff, admonishes here, praises there. Tanya wakes up with her husband Greg next to her.

He’s already up and staring at something in the middle distance. It’s weird behavior, so she asks if it’s okay.

She said she was fine but walked away to take a bath. Yes, really weird.

Greg has reason to be suspicious. At the breakfast buffet, he catches Tanya’s assistant, Portia, sneaking close to her sandwiches and out of sight.

Poor girl. But she did her best and joined Albie at their table.

When Albie’s grandfather and father arrive, they get into a little fight about how it wasn’t just a boy’s trip. Except Albie’s mom is too mad at Dominic to take a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Sicily.

White Lotus Season 2 Recap: Porn Vs Wife

At the tech bros table, Cameron awkwardly interacts with the airline staff. Not only did they lose his luggage, but they sent it back to New York City.

Harper asks Cam’s wife, Daphne, how they fight as a couple, but she says that she never fights with Cameron. Harper found this unbelievable, so she went back to her room with food in hand.

Little did she know that Ethan had returned to their room. Ironically, Ethan loads up his laptop and watches porn while masturbating.

Harper walked in to find her husband circling the blondes. He blames endorphins. About how Harper doesn’t like morning sex.

He is usually curious, active and a little irritable. Unfortunately, they don’t go to bed.

Oh, disaster in paradise, right there. While Tanya asks Greg to play a Sicilian fantasy with a Vespa and an unhealthy amount of aperitif, the DiGrasso’s convince Portia to stick it to their boss by going to the Greek Theater with them.

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White Lotus Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Local Access

Ethan finally walks in on Daphne and tries on clothes at a nearby store. Camera clowns all around wearing sunglasses and mimicking euro trash behavior.

Outside, Lucia and Mia fantasize about owning a store where they can walk into the same store and fire every employee. The two friends then meet Dominique and catch him on his way to the Greek Theater with his family.

Back at the hotel, Dominique asks Valentina to tag the two girls as guests. Valentina makes it difficult for him by bringing up the situation.

She delights in playing the fool and making Dominic look bad, but makes it look like she’s doing her job. It’s a very situational comedy for Dominique’s liking.

Valentina handed the room keys to the girls. Voila!

The girls now have access to the White Lotus, as well as a line of credit where they can pay for food and drinks. The girls take full advantage of the amenities, buying dresses at the gift shop, ordering cocktails by the pool, then hanging out at the bar and taking pictures.

All expenses will be paid in Dominic’s room. The new clothes and their luck give Mia some confidence.

She even confronted Giuseppe, the lounge singer who splashed water on the last episode, explaining that she wasn’t angry. He has to let her sing a song.

When he gives up, he knocks Sam Cooke’s “The Best Things in Life Are Free” out of the park.

White Lotus Season 2 Episode 2: Hades Where Persephone Was Raped

On the patio, Greg wears a Vespa and Tanya wears a headscarf and smokes a cigarette. She is finally fulfilling her Monica Vitti dream.

All this upsets Valentina very much. He fears that the couple will be crushed like vermin in the wild streets of Sicily.

They eventually make it to safety on the road, but Tanya’s goons and Greg’s metal grip around the waist cause them to nearly crash. At the Greek Theater, Burt DiGrasso still can’t accept that his granddaughter and Albie’s mother didn’t go on the trip with them.

He blames it on Dominique, but keeps asking what would be the justification for not coming. He cites the myth of Hades’ rape of Persephone in Sicily, suggesting that if Demeter could forgive Hades for her crime, Dominic’s indifference should not be a big deal.

White Lotus Season 2 Recap: Vongole Confessions

At the beach, Harper goes for a swim and Cameron follows her, dragging her feet and freaking out. He apologizes and admits that he wants to please her (meaning both Daphne) but that this behavior just annoys him even more.

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Although he insists that he loves her very much. This great awkwardness carries over to dinner with the great question of no-kids or no-kids.

Daphne and Cam have offspring. Ethan and Harper don’t.

Add in The Spillers’ highly queer sex-sensitive issue, and the discussion takes off from there. Speaking of awkward, Tanya and Greg head to their restaurant for dinner, and who do they find there?

Portia and Albie are also having a romantic meal. Of all the Italian hillside resorts in all of Sicily, Tanya saw them and her face said.

But Albie and Portia bond really nicely, talking about their fears and longings. And that’s when Portia discovers that Dominique is a woman.

That was one thing Albie was determined not to do. Even if he’s labeled as just a nice guy, he flat out refuses to have a bad relationship with any woman he meets.

White Lotus Season 2 Episode 2: Who Is Greg Talking To?

At the other table, Tanya discovers that Greg made Tanya’s Sicilian dream come true just to soften the blow. He has to leave tomorrow for a work trip to Denver.

Surprise! Of course, before the big walk, Tanya has a sad and public mourning.

Back at the hotel, the two tech bros are having a private get-together. Cameron and Daphne agree that the other couple are no longer attracted to each other and that it’s their fault.

But Harper and Ethan also believe that their friends are vain people who live for nothing. Harper decides to make a Herculean effort to be nice to Cam and Daphne starting tomorrow and say yes to everything.

A drunken Lucia and Mia knock on the door of their decision to be a trio to claim so many things in Dominique’s name. Dominic tries to refuse, but when they all end up in the pool drinking champagne, it all turns into a Roman bacchanal.

Tanya wakes up in the middle of the night during a minor eruption on Mount Etna and suspects that Greg is not by her side. He ran quietly across the room and found her outside on the terrace talking to someone on the phone.

He heard her whisper, “Yeah, he’s not as clueless as usual. I’ll be home tomorrow. Yeah, I love you too.”

White Lotus Season 2 Recap: Review

Episode 2 still has a lot of tweaking to do. It’s a hand-holding stage, and the writers continue to demand a lot of patience from an uneasy audience as they reveal the characters’ surface dynamics while hinting at their deeper identities.

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Two particular revelations that I enjoyed were the fact that Albie and Portia, both children of the same age, wanted something visceral from this vacation. However, they seek to achieve it in different ways and draw from different experiences, sometimes very specific lessons.

Portia wants to stay away from the digital pleasures of Dionysus’ adventures. Something right now, recklessly.

Albie wants a love that reflects his own values ​​and ideals of womanhood, the opposite of how his mom and dad played. “I refuse to have bad relationships with women,” he says.

It’s one of those rare moments of passion we see from the guy of the season. Cameron’s constant “I want you to like me, I want you to like us” cover for Harper is notable, but it’s really a calculated play to get Ethan.

Sound like a trick to ask? You can see anything from a mile away with this guy.

He’s not good at details. But I think the best thing about this episode is that Tanya is still as independent as she is.

Especially around Greg. Anyone with the slightest sense of their relationship can see that new husband Greg is resisting the idea of ​​marrying Ms. Hunt.

And why not? Tanya, as always, does not know what does not affect her desires and pleasures.

We saw this ugliness in Season 1. Now in Season 2, Tanya tries to live out her fantasy, even if it means hurting other people.

One of the most fun events is when Tanya gets to be Monica Vitti for a day with Greg. Vitti was a popular Italian actress of the 1960s, starring in the film L’Avventura.

The Vespa bike, the scarf, the giant clam pasta, and even the dashing gentleman in the suit that revolves around him are all references to the Michelangelo Antonioni movie. Tanya may have seen it when she was young.

It is noteworthy that the film has many parallels with the story of Tanya and Greg. It’s about a guy who leaves his lover for his best friend after complaining about a long business trip.

Maybe this is also a prophecy?

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