The ‘White Lotus’ Noto Villa Is On Airbnb For A Luxe Italian Stay

Season 1 White lotus Despite its award-winning success, Season 2 did the unthinkable by going even further than OG. It’s rare for a TV series to avoid a sophomore slump, though White lotus Season 2 did just that with an exciting plot and wanderlust-filled filming locations. While Hawaii is a dream destination for many, Italy has recently moved to the top of many people’s travel bucket lists. You can stay there even when you are abroad White lotus Noto villa for rent on Airbnb.

Yes, the Noto villa in Italy where Harper and Daphne spent their memorable night in episode 3. White lotus Season 2 is now available on Airbnb. In fact, there are quite a few White lotus Sicily Season 2 filming locations you might want to check out after you’ve finished watching all seven episodes. There are many different villas in the show, such as the White Lotus Hotel, the real Four Seasons San Domenico Palace, as well as Quentin’s Villa. Sure, traveling to Quentin’s villa in Palermo was a terrible decision for Tanya, but staying at the villa where Daphne and Harper’s daughters travel might be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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However, this villa is not your typical Airbnb rental. Many people choose Airbnb over luxury hotels for a budget-friendly option or for a solo vacation. While in reality White lotus filming location is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is sure to be worth it. In fact, to live like a White Lotus guest, you’ll need to save like a White Lotus guest.

How much does Noto Villa cost? White lotus On Airbnb?

The White lotus Villas on Airbnb are part of Airbnb Luxe, which offers guests a luxury vacation. You’ll have to spend a little more to get bogey. Airbnb rentals are $5,957 per night. Even if you’re splitting the cost between two people like Harper and Daphne, it’s probably more than you spend on rent each month. However, White lotus The villa can actually accommodate up to 8 people, so you might want to consider bringing the family or your BFFs. That still won’t cut costs by much, but it will bring your nightly rate down to $745 per person.

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Unfortunately, the villa has a three-night minimum. So, you’re looking at a more realistic pre-tax total of $17,872.

Where did Noto Villa come from? White lotus On Airbnb?

This villa, called Villa Tasca, is not actually in Noto, Italy. IRL, it’s in Palermo, Italy, 4 hours from Noto. Ironically, Quentin’s Villa, which says it’s located in Palermo, is actually located in Noto IRL.

If Daphne and Harper made visiting Noto look so fun, you can relive that experience on a girls trip to Palermo. Sicily’s capital city has tons of shopping and historical sites to see. You can stop for lunch, drink an Aperol Spritz like Harper and Daphne, and go back to your villa to relax.

Speaking of which, Villa Tasca has plenty for you to enjoy as well. Everyone spends almost $800 a night, so you might as well spend as much time as you can. White lotus Villa. The villa is surrounded by 20 acres of beautiful lawned gardens that you will want to walk around like you are in an episode of this movie. Bridgerton.

There’s also a swimming pool where Harper and Daphne, aka Aubrey Plaza and Megan Fahey, take a dip while at the villa, as well as a lovely terrace where you can relax. You can recreate some of your favorite scenes White lotus Get photos suitable for TikTok or ‘Gram in your best Harper and Daphne’. If you want to entertain at home, the villa has amenities such as a billiards room and a music room. The nearly $6,000-a-night rate comes with its own staff to handle housekeeping and concierge services. For an additional cost, you can have meals prepared by a chef, as well as laundry services, airport transfers, and even have someone plan a trip for you. It’s like having your own Valentine.

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It is much more expensive to have White lotus Willa, fans, could be worth living for a few nights as Daphne and Harper – minus the drama, of course.


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