The Secret Air France-KLM Flying Blue Award Calendar

As noted by View from the Wing, this is a helpful reminder of a feature that many are unaware of…

The trick to seeing the Flying Blue awards calendar

The Air France-KLM Flying Blue program has dynamic award pricing, so the cost of an award ticket can vary significantly depending on when you travel. As a result, it’s always helpful to be able to compare shopping within a few days.

Normally when you search for an award on the Air France or KLM website, you’ll only see availability for a few days at a time. Luckily there’s a trick to searching for reward pricing one month at a time.

Once on the Air France USA website, start the rewards search process by going to the “Book Miles” tab. Choose whether you want to travel one-way or round-trip, the point of departure and destination, the number of passengers and the cabin you want to travel to. The important thing is to leave the travel dates blank.

Flying Blue reward search tool

If you leave the travel dates blank, you will be taken to a page with a rewards calendar showing availability each month. Then you can easily switch between months, so you can search for availability for the whole year in a minute.

Flying Blue awards calendar
Flying Blue awards calendar

This is a useful feature, but perhaps not as useful as the Flying Blue reward search feature, which was fixed a few weeks ago.

Why is the Air France-KLM Flying Blue program beneficial?

The Air France-KLM Flying Blue loyalty program is useful for booking transatlantic business class award seats. Both Air France and KLM are posting some transatlantic rewards availability, and the best way to reserve these seats is through the Flying Blue program. Fortunately, Flying Blue is the partner with major transferable point currencies, making it easy to get points.

Also note that Flying Blue now allows breaks even on one-way rewards, making it easier to maximize those rewards. For now, these rewards need to be reserved by phone.

Flying Blue is great for transatlantic business class awards

In conclusion

The Flying Blue program has a hidden reward search feature accessible from Air France’s website. Just go to the rewards search page and start your rewards search, but don’t enter a date. You will then see a calendar showing pricing one month at a time. With Flying Blue’s dynamic reward pricing, this makes it easy to find the best deal.

Anyone else appreciate the Flying Blue rewards calendar?


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