The relationship with the United Kingdom is strengthened with the Army Space Cadet Basic Course

As close allies, American and British forces routinely operate side by side in a variety of military operations. The two countries maintain and strengthen their historical ties through educational, cultural and professional exchanges and development opportunities.

First Officer in the British Army to have completed the US Army Basic Space Officer Course. The Army Space and Missile Defense Command teaches soldiers and civilians the basics of space skills, space systems, and space organizations. This allows us to better understand their role in the space community.

Great British Foreign Secretary, Paul Wooster. Space Command may have attended its two-week course September 12-23 and provided instructions to others.

“The course was definitely very helpful. We are still growing in terms of British Army personnel. Space Command, which belongs together by design,” Wooster said. “This course will absolutely benefit officers and soldiers in command and in all field army formations. It is really important to understand the impact and impact of space on the warfighter and I would like to think that this will be the first of many iterations that British personnel will be taking on this course.”

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“By being part of this course and witnessing how the U.S. Army is currently implementing this, I can identify what is working well, align that with our own current and future capabilities and direction of travel, and then look for transitions as an opportunity, ours to refine their own internal processes,” said Wooster. “This will be useful not only for how we integrate space across domains within the UK, but also for how we may integrate space into a combined multinational environment in the future.”

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Wooster, who previously attended the UK’s Intermediate Space Operations Course, said the ASCBC exceeded his expectations and that the instructors’ knowledge is a real credit to the US Army Space and Missile Defense School, the Space and Missile Defense Center of Excellence and be USASMDC. The course teaches the fundamentals and theoretical aspects of space that are important, but always brings it back to the relevance and perspective of the war fighter and its implications.

Wooster said the second phase of the course was the most relevant to him in terms of real world application of space effects and space skills and how they affect the war fighter and how to access them.

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“From the perspective of my role within UK Space Command, understanding the roles of the ARSST (Army Space Support Team) and the SSE (Space Support Element) was really crucial,” he said. “At this point there are no support teams in the UK defence. However, what we do have are various command defenses that espouse the importance of space and provide space support for real-time operations. Also embedded is the Space Liaison Officer structure.

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  • The relationship with the UK is strengthened with the Army Space Cadet Basic Course
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