The hottest set-jetting destinations for 2023, according to TikTok

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One of the latest trends in the travel industry is for travelers to visit the filming locations of their favorite movies and TV shows.

This is a huge benefit to the local economy, with popular films increasing local tourism by an average of 31%.

With a variety of movies and TV shows slated for release in 2023, travel experts at Planet Cruise predict they will become even more popular over the next 12 months.

With that in mind, experts analyzed the most hyped movies and shows of the coming year and predicted the hottest travel spots for 2023, according to TikTok. The only question is, which direction will you fly?

15 Best Locations for Jetpacks Around the World

Rank Location Movie Number of hashtags
1. Venice Beach, California Barbie 1 B
2. Scotland, Great Britain Indiana Jones and the Fates Number 537.7 M
3. New Jersey, USA A miracle 461.5 M
4. London, UK You, Marvel, Fast X, Aquaman and Lost Kingdom 388 M
5. Tropea, Italy A miracle 272.3 M
6. Wadi Rum, Jordan Dunes: Part 2 201.5 M
7. Venice, Italy Mission Impossible: The Reckoning of Death Part One 171 M
8. Abu Dhabi, UAE Dunes: Part 2 50.7 M
9. Iceland Dungeons and Dragons 32.2 M
10. Midtown Manhattan, USA Spider-Man: According to the Spider-Verse 29 M
11. Rome, Italy Quick X 264 M
12. Belfast, Northern Ireland Dungeons and Dragons 18.9 M
13. Hawaii, USA Aquaman 2 18.4 M
14. Atlanta, Georgia, USA Shazam! Wrath of the Gods 16.7 M
15. Budapest, Hungary Dunes: Part 2 12.4 M

1. Venice Beach, California – Barbie

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Barbie had everyone on the edge of their seats, with highlights from Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken, and some amazing costumes (remember the neon biker shorts, roller skates, knee and elbow pads. Barbie?!).

So it’s no surprise that Venice Beach is expected to be the biggest tourist destination in 2023, with a whopping 1,000,000,000 views on #VeniceBeach-related content on TikTok.

The Venice Beach Skatepark and Boardwalk are two locations where Robbie and Gosling were filmed, so you should go there first.

2. Scotland, Great Britain – Indiana Jones and the Fates issue

Scotland takes a respectable second place thanks to the latest Indiana Jones movie, The Dial of Destiny, with an impressive 537,700,000 views on TikTok.

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The film was shot in a number of locations including Northumberland and Sicily in Italy, but Scotland takes the lead. If you want to discover some of the filming locations, start with St. Vincent Street in Glasgow, which is featured in the trailer. Although you’d never know you were in Scotland, its streets are decorated with hundreds of American flags.

3. New Jersey, USA – Miracle

Many Marvels filming locations feature heavily on our list, but New Jersey is the most popular filming location on TikTok with 461,500,000 views.

No details on the location of this film have been released yet, but there are plenty of other installments in The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For example, “Make love, not war!” In Avengers: Endgame, Stan Lee’s scream line was painted on a scenic New Jersey road, while Journal Square, Liberty State Park, and Coles Academic High School were featured on the sets of the Ms. Marvel TV series that aired this summer. The year 2022.

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4. London, UK – You, Marvel, Fast X, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

With 388,000,000 TikTok views, the UK capital is in fourth place, and London is home to many of the 2023 filming locations for the series You and blockbusters like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Fast X and The Marvels.

If you can’t get enough of Joe Goldberg’s self-slaying antics (spoiler alert!) at the end of season three, you’ll learn that even though Joe follows Marienne to Paris, she’s actually starting a new life. in London.

He filmed a lot at Royal Holloway University, where he was posing as a professor; It’s not known if there’s another London hot spot, but we do know that it was filmed at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire, just a few hours outside the capital.

5. Tropea, Italy – Miracle

A third filming location for the iconic film is in our top five, this time in the picturesque village of Tropea in southern Italy.

With over 272,300,000 hits on TikTok, Tropea isn’t just a top destination for travelers, its beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine are just waiting to be explored.

The shooting of the film started on the 27thth Until August 3rd In September, the crew flew to Los Angeles, where Tropea is known for being voted the “most beautiful village in Italy” in 2021, although the location of the film is unknown.

Set the direction you want to explore

For Dungeons & Dragons, which opens on the 31st, you can find other flight locations from Europe on our list, including Venice, Italy (Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One) and Iceland.St Fast X, Lisbon, March 2023.

However, there are plenty of US flag filming locations in Manhattan, Hawaii, and Atlanta—Spider-Man: Cross the Spider-Verse, Shazam! Wrath of the Gods.


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