The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Review (Switch / Switch eShop)

Yes, that’s right, it’s someone else easy different version of the game that refuses to crawl into a corner and die. To cheer!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition has snuck into the Switch eShop, offering players the option to purchase a full game or, if you already own Skyrim, a cheaper DLC upgrade alternative. But what the hell are we getting for our money this time?

Now that the base Switch version of Bethesda’s RPG (of which you can read our review for full non-anniversary content facts) already includes all three of the game’s official add-ons – Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn, which are part of this upgrade being cheekily highlighted in the AE press release – alongside some Zelda flavored goodies and since this anniversary edition doesn’t benefit from graphics/performance improvements added to other ports, what we’re left with is 74 pieces of Creation Club Mods content.

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Officially approved by the powers that be at Bethesda, Creation Club mods were an expensive bunch of add-ons that had to be purchased separately, but here you get them all bundled and activated for £17.99 if you already have the game own. If spending that much money on a few mods seems a bit much to you, well, it’s hard to back up your argument, but honestly, there’s a lot of quality content here with some strong quests full of sweet lore and plenty of weapons, houses, wild horses, armor and all that good stuff.

We blasted back through the game to check out all the new quests. There’s some real bangers right from the start, big meaty chunks of fun to dig into, with lots of new magazines and letters to work through, and some very nice ties back to the likes of Oblivion for you TES fans out there outside. You can also go fishing, which… well…it is fishing innit, but it also has its own questline, and banging around in Skyrim, collecting maps for good fishing spots, and then ticking off the different species you can catch is a lot more fun than it should be. There’s also a survival mode that disables fast travel, increases fatigue, and adds a lot of things like hunger, disease, and some horrible ailments – basically turning the game into a sort of Life in the UK 2022 simulator.

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Honestly, if you’re a fan of Skyrim, we think this is an upgrade worth getting, and it’s also worth noting that although the full version is expensive, you get the standard version of Skyrim on the eShop can often get sales at a deep discount and then upgrade that way. If you’ve never played the game before – and we 100% refuse to believe anyone who hasn’t – this really is the best, most feature-rich, most content-rich version of an RPG out there, no matter how much we deserve having fun with it, it completely sucks us back into its world every time we boot it up.

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So when is the Anniversary of the Release of the Anniversary Edition coming out?