The Coolest Travel Accessories For Road Trips

As we begin to think more seriously about our means of transport, travel by road and rail has a lot to offer. From rechargeable tech gadgets to stylish mugs and cute toys that promise to keep everyone entertained no matter which continent they visit – buying gifts for frequent travelers has never been easier. Sometimes the most practical gifts are the most valuable.

Abby Rain

Vegan Cork by Abby Rain ticks a lot of boxes. It has a cork lining, an internal zippered compartment for small items, and two pockets for holding a water or wine glass upright. There’s also a smart outer compartment for storing passports, travel documents and quick access items. On top of that, it’s very roomy and its classic look promises to pair well with any travel outfit.

Anine Bing

Anine Bean founded her eponymous fashion brand in Los Angeles in 2012, wanting to take Scandinavian simplicity and combine it with an American mindset. The result is a global fashion house that offers timeless fashion. As a result, the wardrobe essentials are now sold in more than 350 stores worldwide, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Selfridge’s and Net-a-Porter. In addition to ready-to-wear, Anine Bing has designed several classic accessories, including this stainless steel hot water bottle. Offered in both black and white with copper vacuum insulation and insulated lids, it’s practical, understated, and perfect for anyone on the go.

Bear Brooksbank

Designed in Bear Brooksbanks’ Shoreditch studio, these travel jewelery boxes are stylish and functional. A lid-shaped main compartment is bulky and easy to access, while a removable ring holder keeps everything organized. Leather made from ethically sourced sheep and goat skins, a byproduct of Bangladesh’s local food industry, is beautiful, durable and sustainable. It comes in an organic cotton dust bag to keep it spotless and will fit in any travel bag, big or small.


Designed with Métier’s travel in mind, this Backgammon set features a hand-stitched cube shaker equipped with a hidden magnet that gently suctions the rolling board. Similarly, beautiful leather toys are placed in a special compartment with a zipper. Crafted from the brand’s signature Buffalo leather, the hand-dyed edges are unique and durable.

Bala weight

Fitness is no longer limited to fitness. And these two-pound Bala bracelets add constant yet comfortable resistance to any workout. Featuring flexible wrist weights and a set of Bala Bars, ideal for ankle or wrist use, this set offers a compact solution to any fitness challenge. Whether it’s yoga, Pilates, boxing, or just a brisk walk, these Bala bits are the perfect companion. Made of flexible silicon and available in a variety of colors, the scales are sleek and comfortable.


Zendure’s new Passport III power adapter features an auto-adjust fuse and a push-and-slide control for easy one-handed use. It works in more than 200 countries and regions with a variety of connectors and a wide range of voltages. The main USB-C port can charge an iPhone to 50% in 30 minutes or fully charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro in two hours or less without overheating. Not only is it practical, but it also has a unique metallic ombre that is both modern and nostalgic, in addition to the black design.


Organize your travel gear without the clutter thanks to the Bellroy Tech Kit. Inside, a magnetic pocket fits a power bank, a stretchy mesh can hold a mouse, and an elastic band organizes cables. Offered in leather or water-resistant textile, this kit is designed to keep your bulky items separate from cables and headphones and keep everything under control.

Royce and Rocket

Custom-made to fit Royce & Rocket’s castle rack (though easily carried in any travel bag), these double-lined recycled nylon packing cubes will never go out of style. Made with smooth metal zippers, the cubes are offered in pink or tobacco colors and sold in packs of two, four, or six. Don’t waste another minute collecting a single pair of socks or bikini bottoms by organizing them by clothing or clothing type (or to separate the dirty from the clean).


With an optional yoga mat, the Kin Studio Bag is the perfect balance of elegance and functionality. Quilted fabric to protect your gear, wide, comfortable, removable straps for on-the-go use, lightweight and water resistant. It’s available in blush pink or tan and relies on interior and exterior zippered pockets to keep everything safe and organized.

Desmond and Dempsey

Lightly cushioned and gentle on the face, the Desmond and Dempsey Silk Eye Mask is gentle on the skin. Less absorbent than cotton, it won’t absorb any residual skin products overnight. The jaguar print looks great without being distracting. Delivered in a personalized silk bag, it’s designed to accompany you on the road and restore deep sleep wherever you spend the night.

Elizabeth Scarlett

This simple velvet bag from Elizabeth Scarlett is perfect for organizing cosmetics, tech essentials or your favorite jewelry. Beautifully stitched in jewel-toned navy blue, the turtle conservation mini bag is not only luxurious, but every purchase contributes to the conservation of sea turtle hatchlings. Only 1 percent of turtle hatchlings in the Dutch Caribbean reach maturity due to a mix of ocean pollution, human intervention, and natural prey. That’s the statistic that Elizabeth Scarlett’s team supports the Blue Ocean Foundation, giving 10 percent of every sale to the charity, helping to clean up beaches, protect endangered nests, and guide baby turtles safely to sea. .


The labor of love of twin sisters Allegra and Desideria Tantalo, Marzoline is a Milan-based accessories brand specializing in decadent handmade headbands, pom poms and more. Crafted from luxurious velvet and silk, each luxurious piece is hand-stitched in Italy. Raised between Rome and London, the sisters studied law and honed their business and design talents before pursuing a master’s degree in fashion management in London. On the open road or at the end of a long train ride, a simple braided headband can suddenly make a tired outfit look chic!


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