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YourOverseasHome has researched the prices of essentials in six European countries and the UK. Great country for expats in the UK.

YourOverseasHome says: “Although several cities and towns have a reputation for high costs, Italy is the cheapest place to live long-term if you don’t spend like a traveller, even though energy is more expensive in Italy!

“Of course, we recognize that the real cost of living will vary from region to region, but Italy seems to be the most affordable country to live in, outside the tourist hotspots and in modern towns and villages.”

Although energy may be more expensive in Italy, food is much cheaper than in the UK.

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Fish, chocolate and gin cost twice as much in the UK as in Italy, but lettuce was the cheapest in the UK.


Brits can save on housing costs in Italy and find decorative items or house cleaners cheaper than in the UK.

Buying electronics like a TV or an Amazon Alexa Echo Doc was cheaper in Italy than in the UK.

For £3.20 in the UK, Brits can get a cappuccino from an Italian cafe.

However, eating out was the cheapest in Spain, with a three-course meal setting you back just £13 on average.

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A dental visit was the cheapest in Spain, costing £21.50 compared to £50 in Germany.

Brits can afford to move abroad and save on leisure time because cinema tickets are much more expensive in the UK than in other countries.

However, some items were cheaper, with paracetamol being sold in the UK for almost 10 times the price in Italy.

Fuel prices were highest in Greece at £86 for 50 liters of unleaded petrol, compared to £81 in the UK.

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In Portugal, British expats can save on petrol, which costs £78 for the same amount of fuel.

Christopher Nye, Editor-in-Chief of, said: “We know that thousands of Britons are considering moving abroad, with UK natives looking to jump ship to avoid high energy costs and rising prices.

“But if you’re going on the assumption that you’re going to get more for your money, you could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire because prices have risen across the eurozone.”

Germany is the most expensive place to live after the UK, Spain and France.


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