The Best Wellness Supplement Stocking Stuffers

With COVID-19, RSV and seasonal flu on the rise, and 31 percent of Americans polled by the American Psychiatric Association reporting feeling more stressed than last year, taking care of our health is more critical than ever. While rest and nutrition can be difficult to gift, supplements make for easy and creative stocking stuffers. The global dietary supplement market was valued at $151.9 billion last year, never before. This gift guide offers some of the most popular and effective to help narrow down your search.

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Vega Hello Wellness You’ve Got Courage ($31.49)

While Vega is best known for their meal replacement powders, their newest powder line—Hello Wellness—shouldn’t be overlooked. Each of the three formulas contains 15g of plant-based protein and caters to a specific need. ‘You’ve Got Guts’ stands out for its delicious chocolate cinnamon banana flavor. As holiday eating routines change, it supports digestive health with 2 billion CFUs of probiotics and prebiotic fiber, helping to feed beneficial gut bacteria. If your giftee is more of a mental boost, the berry-flavored ‘It’s a No Brainer’ provides 32mg of omega-3 DHA, while the vanilla cappuccino-flavored ‘Spring in Your Step’ upgrades a satisfying coffee with 100mg. Caffeine.

Athletic Greens ($99)

While there are countless greens powders on the market, Athletic Greens (commonly referred to as ‘AG1’) is arguably the most popular. One scoop is packed with 75 ingredients designed to work together to fill nutritional gaps and support overall body health. It starts with a foundation of essential vitamins and minerals; supports gut health with pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes; and boosts metabolism and reduces stress with adaptogenic herbs and phytonutrients. It also contains immune-supporting mushrooms, which are hard to find in greens formulas. With subtle flavors of vanilla and pineapple and a package containing a month’s worth of servings, this is a stocking stuffer that will set your giftee’s New Years off right.

OM Mushroom Matcha Latte Blend ($37.99)

Mushrooms have risen to stardom this year, and for good reason—they’re believed to reduce stress, improve focus, and boost the immune system. Om specializes in mushroom supplements and their drink mixes are a delicious way to get your daily dose. If your giftee loves matcha, Om’s matcha blend is made with organic, ceremonial grade green tea from Nishio Japan and mixes well to make a hot or iced matcha latte. The convenient stocking-size container also comes in coffee, hot chocolate and caffeine-free blends. Whichever you choose, each serving contains 2,000mg of organic mushrooms.

Good Day Chocolate One for You, One Bundle ($54.99)

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for those who have trouble sleeping and love their sweets. While there are countless sleep supplements on the market now, Good Days is one of the most effective and tastiest. Chamomile combines with various doses of melatonin (available in 1mg, 3mg or 5mg) to tell the brain it’s time to sleep, making the next morning jitter-free. Fair trade chocolate comes in milk and dark and covered in a crunchy shell (think, big M&M). This bundle combines their highest dose for adults (5mg) with the same formula for kids, so the whole family can enjoy some time this holiday season.

Anima Mundi Cold & Flu Tonic ($25)

With COVID-19, the seasonal flu and another virus, RSV, making the rounds this winter, the immune system could use every boost it can get. This tonic combines two types of echinacea—an herb with antiviral properties—with the antimicrobial boldo leaf—commonly used in the rainforest to expel viruses and bacteria—for a tonic that supports the immune system. The sweet and spicy drink is rounded out with ginger, apple cider vinegar, garlic, cayenne and turmeric, which help the body fight infection, and the tiny tincture makes it the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. If your giftee is into herbal remedies, you’ll want to check out these apothecary formulas for energy, beauty, mood, brain health, digestive health, and even relaxation.

Tribetox CBD Disposable Vape Pen Northern Lights ($60 and up)

If your giftee likes to relieve stress from cannabis, Tribetox disposable vape pens are sure to impress. While most vapes contain oils and additives that are harsh on the lungs, Tribetox uses plant-based ingredients, no fillers, and tests its vapes with an independent third-party lab for potency, heavy metals, pesticides and toxins. Only two ingredients remain: full-spectrum CBD distillate and cannabis terpenes. The disposable vape is pre-charged so your giftee only needs to inhale to activate, and the stainless steel core includes a battery that lasts a year from first use. Tribetox vapes come in many strains but Northern Lights is one of the most popular for its calming indica effect. If edibles are their style, CBD gummy bears are also the perfect size for stockings.

Pink Stork Total Bloat Gummies ($25)

If holiday eating has left your gift bloated and indigestion, these delicious gummies are the perfect stocking stuffer. They include turmeric and ginger, two ingredients known to reduce cramps, gas and bloating without any GMOs or unnecessary additives. As a vitamin brand created by women for women, they also sell a variety of supplements for every stage of the birthing process—from fertility to pregnancy; From postpartum to nursing—as well as PMS and menopause gummies and teas.

Beam Vegan Protein Pack ($2.49)

Since protein powders usually come in giant tubs, these convenient travel packs are the perfect stocking stuffer for gifts that need a protein boost on the go. Each packet combines 20 grams of protein extracted from peas, mung beans and pumpkin seeds with prebiotic fiber to reduce the bloating you usually get from vegan protein powders. While most vegan protein powders require a blender to mix well, Beam prioritizes flavor and texture to create a powder that isn’t chalky and only requires water. Traditional flavors shine with blueberry muffin and cinnamon.

Alani Nu Balance Capsules ($49.99)

For the woman struggling with hormone imbalance, complexion issues and fertility issues: This is a stocking stuffer for them. Myo-Inositol is combined with ALA to increase insulin-sensitivity in women with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (one of the most common hormonal disorders in women in the US); DIM supports the healthy production of estrogen, while L-glutathione aids in hydration to brighten the complexion and reduce wrinkles. Anyone with a serious metabolic or hormonal disorder should consult their doctor, but with over 16,000 reviews, the formula appears to be effective for most people. If your giftee is into fitness, Alani Nu’s delicious protein bars, fitshakes and energy sticks are also the perfect size for stockings.

MyObvi Superfood Pinks ($27.99)

With 10 billion CFUs of probiotics; immune-boosting ingredients like elderberry, echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C; And 500mg of mushrooms, this superfood blend can help protect against the flu this winter. It’s similar to the green formula—with a mix of energizing fruits and antioxidants like maca—but with a rose lemonade flavor, so it tastes like an electrolyte drink. The superfood powder contains vitamins and minerals—such as vitamin D, B12, and calcium—that support the entire body, along with digestive enzymes that help absorb nutrients. MyObvi also makes delicious Super Fruit Gummies, and their collagen protein powder—available in 13 flavors—is their most popular product.

Plant People Wonderland Mushroom Gummies ($29.99)

With the boom in mushrooms this year, there are now countless mushroom supplements to choose from. But some people pack the power of mushrooms into gummy form. Plant People’s delicious raspberry-flavored gummies contain 2500mg of mushrooms like lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi and turkey tail, which boost energy and immunity, reduce stress and promote healthy digestion. Each recycled package contains 60 gummies made without corn syrup and artificial colors.

Gnarly Sports Nutrition Collagen Travel Packets ($10)

Gnarly’s Collagen is unique for having NSF certification, meaning it has been tested for more than 270 substances banned by professional sports leagues. Each serving contains 15 g of collagen peptides sourced from grass-fed, US domestic cows to aid in vitamin C absorption. The powder also contains 15g of zinc and 1mg of copper, ingredients that help kickstart collagen production. Whether your giftee is managing a joint injury or looking for a little more recovery after their workouts (they recommend taking collagen 30 to 60 minutes before training to kick-start collagen synthesis), these convenient travel packets—which go well with hot in the cold—come together. Water—making it easy to get their collagen boost on the go.

On/Go Rapid COVID-19 Tests ($9)

While not exactly a supplement, giving your loved ones the gift of easy covid testing is a smart way to stay well this winter season. This rapid antigen test detects proteins of COVID-19, called antigens, to determine whether the tester can spread the virus to others. Unlike PCR tests that take up to three days to get results, these rapid tests provide results in just ten minutes. Best of all, they’re compact—the perfect size for socks—and pair with an easy-to-use mobile app.


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