The Best Things to Do in Bergamo and Brescia, Italy’s Capital of Culture Cities for 2023

Italy is the place to be right now, and travelers returning to Venice, Rome, and Sicily after the pandemic ramped up may not have visited Bergamo or Brescia before. Less than an hour from Milan and 40 minutes from each other, the two cities in Lombardy are overlooked among Italy’s countless destinations. But next year, when Bergamo and Brescia are named Italy’s capital of culture for 2023, their relative obscurity could change. Both pick up the baton from the island of Procida in the Gulf of Naples. -form country).

Also, dual nominations are not business as usual, and using “capital” rather than “capital” is not a choice that expresses unity or cooperation. In the spring of 2020, two cities were the most affected by the epidemic (the first coronavirus patients in Italy were registered there). The two were then soon announced as the 2023 Capital of Culture, expressing hope for brighter days ahead.

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After almost three years, those days are finally here. In total, the two cities have joined nearly 600 joint initiatives and projects to promote their rebirth through various cultural exhibitions and show their passion for the future, not just their rich history.

“Being nominated as Italian Capital of Culture is a great opportunity for our territory,” said Emilio del Bono, mayor of Brescia. “The main problem is to make our cities known as an inexhaustible source of art and culture. We want tourists to get out of the bubble of the usual, more famous and inflated tourist spots and see the hidden but equally wonderful treasures of Brescia and Bergamo.” Bergamo Mayor Giorgio Gori called the program “as choral and inclusive as possible.”

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The calendar of events will include art exhibitions, music festivals, opera performances and installations in public spaces, officially starting in the second half of January and continuing until the end of 2023. Therefore, if you are planning to travel, you must visit the Bel Paese at any time of the year. Here are the best things to do in Bergamo and Brescia in 2023.

Go to Bergamo and Brescia

Bergamo and Brescia are 33 and 57 miles east of Milan, respectively. Both are over an hour’s drive away, but the train runs frequently from Milan Centrale (about 50 minutes to Bergamo, 36 minutes to Brescia, 36 minutes on the high-speed network) and is a great option if you’re looking for a cheap and fairly fast ride. Once you arrive at the train station in Brescia, follow the signs for the metro lines and the 8.5-mile rapid transit network consists of a single line connecting the north and south of the city with 17 stops. Ready to land on Vittoria and explore.

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In Bergamo, start walking along Via Roma to Porta Nuova; Built in the 1830s, these two-columned neoclassical buildings marked the city’s official gateway. Bergamo also has an airport, which is Ryanair’s main regional hub.


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